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Blurred Lines and the Search for Love

Blurred Lines and the Search for Love

It’s the chart-topping single of the summer: “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. It’s not particularly wholesome, but it’s more funny than serious, and I would lie if I said I didn’t like it. 

However, the music video made me sad. It’s totally degrading to women, yet everyone loves it. Women dance around in little or no clothing with no purpose except to look sexy while men do all the singing and rapping and are fully clothed. 

I’m not a feminist, but I do believe women and men are equal in value and worth. Until recent history, the world generally didn’t see women as having that value. So after the struggle women went through for their God-given rights, why do they now prance around half-naked in front of a camera, voluntarily objectifying and belittling themselves? And why do they wear clothes that reveal so much of their bodies in public?

I can’t speak for the motivations of the women in that video, and I know the video is supposed to be sort of a joke, but I’m not laughing. I think most women desperately want love and approval from men and will do anything to get it, and that’s what that video reminded me of. 

God created us with a desire to be loved, and we search for love in everything but Christ. It makes women feel good to be looked at and called “beautiful” or “hot,” but at the end of the day, it won’t satisfy our souls.

It makes me sad to see women so starved for love that they’ll stoop to becoming an object to be stared at. It also makes me sad to see men searching so hard for physical love that they’ll encourage women to do that. 

So whether you struggle with being modest yourself or if you turn up your nose at women like the ones in “Blurred Lines” in disgust, stop and pray. Pray for your sisters and for yourself if you’re a woman, and preach the Gospel to your sisters and to yourself. Christ’s love and payment for our sins means women don’t need to lower themselves to parading their bodies in front of men because they have access to perfect love in Christ. Women searching for love in this way don’t need our judgment or encouragement. They need Christ. 

“Blurred Lines” is a picture of our search for love as both women and men. I hope it reminds you, like it did me, where real love comes from and how vain it is to look for it elsewhere.

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