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Some time in the early ‘90s, a couple of techies in Silicon Valley were hanging out at a park when they caught a glimpse of a weasel scurrying by with a slice of wrapped American cheese. They knew in an instant it must be the Cheese Weasel delivering a piece of cheese to some good little techie. After all, someone must be showing all the good techie boys and girls some appreciation.

And so began the story that morphed into the urban myth of the Cheese Weasel who brings cheese to the good little tech industry workers. Each April 3rd the Cheese Weasel leaves a piece of cheese under their mouse pads.

Since that time, the celebration of the Cheese Weasel has grown and become an Internet holiday tradition that celebrates the contributions of workers in the tech industry. Tech workers get a lot of grief from people and are often under-appreciated. Cheese Weasel Day is a fun way to say thank you to them.

Over the years people have made art, music, prose and poetry to support and celebrate the myth of the Cheese Weasel. It’s all for fun and just to be nice to people who do a lot of good things for us.

I like to think of CWD as the milk of human kindness, curdled. As we all know, kindness is a fondue-mental human need.

So, what is your contribution to the Cheese Weasel Day fun going to be this April 3rd?

Here are a few ideas from the Cheese Weasel Day website:

  • Give your favorite tech person a Thank You shout out using #cheeseweaselday on Twitter and Facebook
  • Send someone you know in the tech sector a Cheese Weasel Day Greeting card from the evangelism website Here are their Cheese Weasel Day E-cards.
  • Arrange secretly for a slice of cheese to be placed under the mouse pad of a tech person you know. [Check back in a few days to make sure they found the cheese. Just to be sanitary. I mean, if they don’t know about it and leave it there indefinitely, it could start to smell like Limburger.]
  • Go here and learn the Cheese Weasel Song
  • Plan a Cheese Weasel Day party. It’s fun! A fondue party, make grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, or Cheetos on the house!

So, what is your contribution to the Cheese Weasel Day fun going to be this April 3rd?

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:11