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Rainbow flags waving, “gay rights” advocates cheering and people reacting in social media circles. These were some of the sights and sounds following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling(s) on Wednesday, June 26. Like others, I watched this debate with great interest in the results.

Consensus appears to be that the institution of marriage is even more at risk nationwide, as key parts of the Defense of Marriage Act were struck down. Experts also say that while the Court stopped short of a grand-scale legalized mandate of same-sex marriage today, the stage is set for more social upheaval and redefinition of marriage tomorrow.

The head of Oklahoma Baptists, Dr. Anthony Jordan (Twitter: @DrAnthonyJordan) said, “While it is disappointing that the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Defense of Marriage Act fails to protect the institution nationwide, we take heart knowing that no government body can redefine what God Himself created in marriage as one man and one woman. Time will tell what net effect this will have on Oklahoma and the culture, yet God’s people will stand firm in the days ahead grounded in the truth of the Scriptures.”

That is well said. Another important Southern Baptist leader Dr. Russell Moore, when asked what this changes said: “In one sense, nothing. Jesus of Nazareth is still alive. He is calling the cosmos toward his kingdom, and he will ultimately be Lord indeed. Regardless of what happens with marriage, the gospel doesn’t need “family values” to flourish. In fact, it often thrives when it is in sharp contrast to the cultures around it. … In another sense, though, the marginalization of conjugal marriage in American culture has profound implications for our gospel witness. First of all, marriage isn’t incidental to gospel preaching.”

I think we Southern Baptists recognize how high the stakes are on this issue. That is why it is important not only what we communicate but how. We should have a quiet confidence knowing, as Drs. Jordan and Moore said that God’s plan for mankind will march on. While clashing viewpoints will be on display on the Internet and TV in the days ahead, as Christians, let’s hold firm to what we know and compassionately and passionately contend for our viewpoint, whether or not we win legal or cultural battles.