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While the world is buzzing about the birth of Duchess Kate and Prince William’s child, I offer these thoughts.

5. People love babies. In our abortion-rights saturated culture, it is good to see that people still love a good birth. As with marriage, people love a good wedding more than the hard work of a good marriage. The same is said on an occasion such as this.

4. Live your life. While I, like you, stand in awe of Royalty and the pomp surrounding it, God made you. He put you were you are and has a plan for your life. This cannot be fulfilled by only living vicariously through the lives of others. We have one life on this earth, so today, embrace the gift of life.

3. Sex matters. The sex of the baby, I mean. When the doctor announced “It’s a boy!” that genetic fact determines a great deal. In a society that increasingly wants to minimize the differences between the sexes, this birth is a reminder that God created man and woman as distinct, equal beings.

2. Remember the orphans. While it is fun to fawn over the Royal Baby, it is also a good time to take stock of the orphans in society. In Oklahoma alone, there are 10,000-plus children the foster care system who need our thoughts and prayers, too.

1. With this birth, let’s remember His birth. Before there was Twitter, before the House of Windsor, there was a baby in a manger, the Christ Child. How amazing to ponder that God Himself came cloaked in human flesh in the form of Jesus Christ, truly the most important birth of all time.