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No one wants to be left out. Everyone likes a winner and everyone loves to be a winner. To be on the right side of a massive culture shift is very enticing even to those who should be leery of these cultural phenomenon’s. This is exactly what we are seeing to take place before our very eyes. The past two months have not been especially encouraging to evangelical conservatives standing on the truth of the scripture in regards to the marriage issue. The first major assault began with the Boy Scouts and their decision that seems to not only allow homosexual members but will assuredly open the door for homosexual leaders in the near future. The Supreme Court, led by justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion, struck down key components of DOMA and opened the door of precedent for not only gay marriage but possible serious repercussion for those who oppose this definition of what marriage actually is. As the dominoes continued to fall, Exodus International, a leading ministry offering healing and change from homosexual practice and lifestyle suddenly closed their doors with a shocking announcement and apology for all the damage they had caused over the past 30 years. What was the damage? Appealing to the Gospel as a change agent for all sin including homosexuality.

Unfortunately, this seems to be more and more of a common practice. Popular culture’s capitulation on this issue was a given. Following that, it was not difficult to predict that our politicians and government leaders would follow suit. The court has now weighed in and the line in the sand has been drawn. The only question that remains is what will the church do? Here are some ideas of what we can do…

  1. Remember, the light shines brightest in darkness. As the culture gets darker, the more faithful we live the more we will stand out.
  2. Hateful and fearful language does not represent Christ well. We do not hate homosexuals and we are not afraid of them. We are to love them and seek to minister to them with the power of the Gospel.
  3. Capitulation (lowering the biblical standard) does not solve anything. Living a life that truly loves people, even those we disagree with, will have more influence that walking away from our convictions and God’s Word.
  4. God is sovereign and powerful and is not on the run from the Boy Scouts, the Supreme Court, or Exodus International. We shouldn’t be either.
  5. We are all missionaries. All of us. This means taking the Gospel to difficult and dark places is normal and expected.
  6. The Gospel is the road to freedom in Christ. Capitulation is the road that allows people back to the bondage that sin always employs.

What will the church do?