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“Jobs,” the recent biopic about Apple computer creator Steven Jobs, came out last week, and the rated PG-13 film was mostly disappointing. I was interested in the movie because I was curious to find out more about the man who greatly impacted society through technology. Frankly, I felt I was jobbed.

Profanity, drug use, adult situations are the glaring reasons for the PG-13 rating. The “free love, getting high” craze that was popular in the ’70s is revealed early in the show.

Jobs is painted to have lived a rather dissipated lifestyle, while engaging in Eastern mysticism, during his college drop-out days, and to have a self-absorbed personality throughout his life. Whether or not this is an accurate depiction, I do not know. If it is, I am disappointed.

I agree with critics who believe the film has a “made-for-television” feel. There is a lack of character development, and not much “big screen glitz” was shown. The only thing the film excelled in doing is featuring actors who appear identical to the actual people in Jobs’ life.

As bad as the movie is, Ashton Kutcher gave a good performance as Jobs. The actor has come a long way from “Dude, Where’s My Car?” He is the only redeeming element of this movie. Kutcher was consistent impersonating Jobs, from voice tone to mannerisms to his unique gait.

Overall, I suggest you save your money because “Jobs” just doesn’t seem to work.