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I admit it. I watch “Duck Dynasty.” One of my favorite episodes is the one when Jase and the boys took the RV to pick up Willie’s new four-wheelers, and Si ends up riding in one of them on the pulled trailer, wearing a helmet, as they head down the highway. If you have never seen the show, this will mean nothing to you, but if you have seen it, I’m predicting you’re laughing out loud right now.

To the surprise of many, this reality TV show started its fourth season. I am not intending to convince anybody to watch it regularly because it probably does not appeal to the various entertainment preferences (Raise your hand if you watch both “Duck Dynasty” and “Downton Abbey”). But if you WERE ever to watch it, don’t be surprised if you become hooked.

The purpose of my writing is to share how much I appreciate the most recent episode, the season premiere, which has the Robertson family and their friends planning a surprise wedding for Phil and Kay, the patriarch and matriarch of the brood. The happy, happy, happy couple are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary.

Early in the show, we find out that Phil and Kay never had an actual wedding. They just went to the justice of the peace to get married. Phil shares his perspective of this, and it’s quite humorous. So the wives of the Robertson brothers plan to have a big ceremony to remedy the couple never having a formal ceremony.

There’s much to appreciate about this episode, many hilarious parts. One of the funniest is Si talking to Kay on a speaker phone about how he is taking her and Phil out for ice cream and almost blows the whole surprise element two minutes into their conversation. I was laughing so hard, I was in tears.

More hilarity follows throughout the special one-hour show. When they finally get to the wedding, Alan, the oldest brother who is an ordained minister and makes his first-ever appearance in the show, is officiating the ceremony. Phil and Kay exchange wonderful remarks about each other and how they endured many hardships and made wonderful memories.

This was the best one ever, in all the episodes they made. This show presented something you won’t see probably on any network. I don’t know any current show where you will find the celebration of marriage like this. Nobody in Hollywood today will write a script that involves a couple who has been married 48 years.

A friend of mine has said on more than one occasion, “Everybody enjoys a good wedding, but few are willing to put in the hard work for a good marriage.”

So much has happened in modern society that has cheapened the institution of marriage. If it weren’t for the interest in weddings, I’d be willing to predict that marriage would be extinct in 50 years.

Couples now live together regardless of marital status. More women are having babies out of wedlock. Sexual intercourse is practically expected within three dates. In fact, dating isn’t even a requirement. You can go on Craigslist and find random sex partners within the hour of going online. But I digress.

Well done, “Duck Dynasty,” and congratulations to Phil and Kay! Thank you for showing an example of Biblical marriage and giving some hope that this sacred institution is still valued in perseverance.

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