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I had the chance to see Tom Hanks’ recent release “Captain Phillips” last week. You may have heard all the hub-bub about this film and differing views of what actually happened in 2009, when Hank’s character (the title role) and his crew on the cargo ship Maersk Alabama were under siege by Somali pirates.

Members of the crew have filed suit against the ship’s owners while painting a villainous picture of Phillips, stating the real life captain was not heroic and the film makers “fudged key facts.” Something to point out, though, the latter part of the movie, after Phillips ends up on a life boat with the pirates, seems to be fairly accurate, according to a 2009 Associated Press report.

Here is what I suggest. If it bothers you that the movie may not have an accurate depiction, then don’t go see it. But if you want to see an incredibly intense action movie that features one of the best actors of our time, go see “Captain Phillips,” and enjoy the ride.

Immediately after I saw it, I jested on Facebook: “Just saw Captain Phillips. I’m so pumped. I want to go beat up some pirates.”

This movie is very energizing. From the moment the pirates are in high pursuit of the ship, you are glued to the action. The Tom Hanks’ version of Phillips is likeable, and the audience can appreciate all of his tactics once his ship is threatened of a takeover.

The best part of the movie could be the final scene when Phillips is being checked out by a medic. Hanks is phenomenal, as expected, but I even give credit to medic’s performance. That’s about as realistic of a medical examination of a person in a state of shock as could ever be observed.

Many movies come to mind as I was watching this flick. This is a sure sign of how much I like a movie if I can compare it to other great films. The list of movies I recall when watching Phillips includes: “Cast Away,” “Die Hard,” “The Hunt for Red October,” “Behind Enemy Lines,” “Princess Bride” and “The Bourne” movies.

“Captain Phillips” is rated PG-13, and the rating would seem to be for the violence portrayed, which isn’t as bad as other popular action movies. Foul language is not rampant, and there is no sexual content at all.

My wife saw the movie with me. Her comment about the show: “It’s definitely a ‘guys’ night out’ movie. I mean, I liked it, but I’m not a typical girl.”

I would rate this movie four stars (out of four). Compared to the other movies that have been released this year, it is definitely of one of the best, if not the best.

(Photo Credit: Sony – Columbia Pictures)