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As the mother of young adults, I am often intertwined in discussions and questions with them and their friends. I especially enjoy being around 20-somethings, relating to my work with women. Along the way, I’ve observed some healthy habits for young adult Christians, navigating the road of independence and responsibility. Here are a few:

Habit One: Consistent time with the Lord

Have you often thought, “I am so busy”? Can I share a secret with you? You are going to be busy for a very long time, so develop the practice NOW of getting out of bed and spending a few moments reading God’s word and praying. You don’t have to spend 30 minutes studying the Greek translation of the New Testament, but start your day by placing God’s word in your heart. Take your day to Him and watch how He orchestrates your time.

Habit Two: Disciplined Spending and Contentment

We live in a world where waiting is not valued—especially in the area of spending money. I admit—I do not like budgets. But I also don’t like spending money that I don’t have. Whether you are single or married, this is an area where you will have to show great restraint, especially if you’re paying off student loans. Contentment is related to spending because many times we are not content with what we have, i.e. car, housing, furniture, etc. It is also found in relationships. Are you single and wish you were married? Are you married and envying other’s children? Learn the satisfaction that comes when you develop the habit of contentment.

Habit Three: Community

The word “community” has become a buzz word for your generation. Simply put, community is found in the relationships you cherish most. Develop friendships with those who have similar standards and hold you accountable in your spiritual life. The community of friends I developed in my 20s continues to be the ones who surround me during the good and bad times of life.

Habit Four:  Humble and Teachable attitude

If there is one habit I could infuse in 20-somethings, it is having a humble and  teachable heart. Do you hear the complaint that your generation is “entitled”? Have you often sat at work and thought you had better answers or strategies? Even if you do, learn how to approach those in authority with a teachable spirit. Be willing to learn. Ask questions. Submit to authority. These things will get you far.

Habit Five: Perseverance.

Again, this habit can be intertwined with others, but it is an important principle for effective young adults. Don’t give up quickly. Hang in there. Has your new marriage hit a rocky patch? Persevere.  Is your job unfulfilling? Persevere. Is your church not meeting “your” needs? Persevere—and find a place to serve.