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When I was a freshman in high school, I asked an older youth group member how he resisted peer pressure to drink alcohol — which is illegal for anyone under 21, no matter your stance on drinking as an adult.  Happy to offer a non-confrontational solution to the age-old question “To drink or not to drink?” he smiled proudly and shared his secret “koozie technique.”

Apparently, my poor friend had been dragged against his will to more than a few drinking parties and had seen people holding koozies, or insulated drink holders, there. Tired of saying “no” to one alcoholic drink after another — I mean, didn’t they know he was a Christian? — he noticed that it was difficult to tell what the people holding koozies were drinking.  All that showed above the rim was a little bit of can.

So, my friend went to the store and bought soft drinks with tops that matched the tops of popular brands of beer. The next time he was dragged to a drinking party against his will, he was ready.

No longer known as the kid who said “no,” he was able to blend in and be a part of what was going on without making anyone feel uncomfortable—He was planning to share Jesus with them as soon as God gave him the opportunity, you know, and didn’t want to scare people off before he got a chance.

I remember thinking that the “koozie technique” was a clever idea for about three seconds.   It seemed, for a moment, that my friend had actually found a way to please God and man at the same time, a middle ground, so to speak.

But something didn’t ring true. Didn’t the Bible say that it was impossible to please God and man at the same time? Didn’t it say to flee the appearance of evil? I felt pretty sure it did.

And wasn’t the “koozie technique” just an elaborate lie?  Yes, and it still is, but seems to be gaining popularity.

More and more, it’s difficult to tell what people are drinking, the Living Water of Jesus Christ or the dehydrating, life-sucking doctrine of the Enemy. Christians aren’t speaking up. They aren’t taking a stand.

Why? Is it really because we don’t want to scare non-believers who might be interested in trusting Christ away–something I doubt is even possible, as it is the Holy Spirit that both draws non-believers and compels us to obey– by doing the right thing or speaking the Truth in front of them?  Probably not.

Let’s be honest.  I think it is because we are simply tired of saying “no” to things that tempt and intrigue us, things that might fall within the boundaries of the permissible if we squint just a little, and/or things that we just flat-out want to do.

Of course, I’m speaking figuratively at this point.  Understand that this is not a post about drinking.  However, if drinking is your personal stumbling block, I don’t want to dull the Spirit’s sword in saying so.   That’s a matter for you to sort out with God on your own. 

Is it possible that we, a holy priesthood, have become so desensitized to the Truth of God’s Word that we actually believe we can please God and man at the same time?

Oh, I hope not! But, I’ve got to tell you, the obvious mixing and mingling that’s happening between God’s children and the World right now reminds me of a dimly-lit high school dance just picking up speed, boys and girls meeting and embracing at center court with the whole evening ahead, and I don’t believe that the Father is going to stand by much longer.

God is holy.  He expects His children to be holy, and that’s the plain truth. It’s time to take two giant steps back from whatever you’ve been flirting with and take a stand firmly and openly in the beneficial.

It’s time to kick the koozie.