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The Blankets of My Jesus

The Blankets of My Jesus

Jesus, You left the comforts of Heaven

forsaking  the throne for a feeding trough.

You needed a comfort blanket

to stay warm through the night.

Kissable cheeks of flesh

Totally God, Totally Man


Growing, you left the comfort blanket

to follow the heavenly Father’s voice.

You stooped to earth

healing some on blankets

proving your deity

one touch at a time.


Your obedience led to a beating, undeserved

No blanket, just a purple robe of mockery.

Then stripped naked, ashamed, you hung for me

while  those gambled for your clothes at the base of the tree.

Torn flesh, your blood running down

You became my sin, a blanket for my shame.


When death laughed in your face

You faced the Father’s judgment

And powerfully rose

To mock death’s sting

Even today, I need your blanket of grace

To comfort me ‘til I see you again

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Stacy Neuschaefer

Stacy Neuschaefer, wife and mom of three young daughters, desires to simply spill(ing) hope, (also the name of her blog). She loves to relate the Bible to everyday life. While she shares hope (H.elp O.thers P.repare for Eternity) with internationals through English classes and friendships, she writes and speaks to encourage other followers of Jesus to also spread hope.

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