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“Anything?  Anything!”: the theme for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Women’s Retreat, April 11-12th at Falls Creek Conference Center, Davis OK.  If you are a lady anywhere near Oklahoma and haven’t made plans for that weekend, YOU SHOULD GO.  And men, stick with me here.  The rest of the blog pertains to you, too.

I love the question of the retreat, “Would you trade everything for God’s anything?”  Dwelling on this question took me back to a personal blog post I wrote a couple of years ago.  It was about a book fair.

And, this week it was Book Fair time again (probably why I made the connection), the time when the elementary school library morphs into a book-selling machine.  I had a different role this year.  With some unscheduled snow days (always unscheduled, I guess) my day to volunteer landed on set-up day  During set up, I confessed of a previous book fair mistake (an honest one, really).

A few years ago, I misinterpreted a book fair policy (immediate termination of volunteer position required.  However, no one caught my error in time to fire me face-to-face).  You see, there is a reasonable check policy:  the book fair will not accept a check written for more than $1 over the sales amount.  This prevents them from giving back a wad of cash to an elementary school-aged child (even though many of them have stashes of cash all over them when they walk in the door  And, they could bring a totally blank check, with only a signature…even scarier than a wad of cash).

So, I had no problem with the check policy.  But I heard, “We cannot give children more than $1 change.”  So my cashier policy: I applied the check policy to cash (obviously a huge mistake).
Most children didn’t have a problem with my made-up policy.  In fact, the majority of children had a “no change” policy.  They wanted as much merchandise they could get for the money they brought (even if that meant they bought 3 or 4 cheap erasers).

After I finished my shift, I realized the absurdity of my policy. My policy sounded unreasonable when a girl brought $20 and only wanted a $5 book.

I called the library to explain my concern.  They said not to worry they would make everyone happy if anyone complained.

I’m not sure how many children made it home with bookmarks and pencils to keep my policy. (I’m sure we had record sales).  None of them returned with change.  They spent everything!

My Book Fair disaster reminded me of another “no change” policy, a giving everything event.

I imagine (not in the Bible) that when Jesus returned to the Father after He died and rose again, His Father asked for “change”.  Jesus didn’t have anything to give Him.

Going to earth, living a perfect life and laying His life down on the cross cost Jesus EVERYTHING: His life, well spent.

But Jesus had the most amazing receipt.  “Sinful people from all tribes and all nations.”

And the Father smiled.

So, followers of Jesus, Would you trade everything for God’s anything?   Jesus did!

God asks us for EVERYTHING.
ALL of Our hearts.  ALL of Our minds.
Our desires.  Our dreams.  Our plans. Our thoughts.
Our resources.  Our talents. Our time.  Our ALL!

For who knows better how to “spend” our lives than our owner/creator? (God’s Anything)

Will you pray this faith prayer? (I have to re-pray it frequently)
“God, You know how to spend my life for You and Your kingdom.  I give you my everything.  I trust You to spend well.  I trust in yourAnything”.”

What part of “Everything” are you holding back from God?