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Why is political correctness often socially incorrect? In an effort to not offend the few, the many are called to be completely silent and accepting of perspectives, lifestyles, and viewpoints which are contrary to success and long life. How many times are we required to sit idly by while sin and the dark side of spiritual warfare are glorified in ways both subtle and overt?

Whatever happened to Mary Poppins? I actually asked myself this question while watching the Oscars Sunday night. The very first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor was presented for the portrayal of a female impersonator prostitute. Julie Andrews he/she was not. Along with the presentation was a clip showing the actor in a conflicted emotional state, obviously a boy convincing himself he was a pretty girl.

It made me sad on many levels. One is that it glorified the sin of homosexuality and the was presented at a time when children are certainly in the room. To that end, let me say all Christians are sinners, however, we are admitted, repentant and saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ’s work on the cross. “By His stripes we are healed.”  Homosexual behavior is no more a sin than adultery or even cheating on your taxes, (non of which are good or right). The difference is there is not a movement to minimize and normalize those behaviors in the same way the LGBT movement has gone unchallenged.

There are many things in life which are not illegal but are not right morally or in a civic way. The promotion of morally abhorrent behavior only brings us closer to the point in which nothing will be wrong and if it is how you feel you were supposed to live life, no one can say otherwise. Someday the kleptomaniac may not be stopped as they walk out of Dillard’s with their new free watch. After all…. that’s how God made them.

Hard to believe we have come from “Chim Chimanee …”  to “Dallas Buyers Club” in less than 50 years. We have moved away from movies like Ben Hur, which glorified God and wholesomeness in life to movies and award speeches which literally call the normal and fulfilling life our Lord planned for us intolerant and judgmental. Choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my family, we will serve The Lord.

“We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that God was praised more than once during the show as well. “His eye is on the sparrow” was sung and the best actor winner praised God and gave credit to his grace.”

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