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“Why, Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” – Psalm 10:1-2

Each of us have asked questions like this at some point. A new movie, produced by Oklahomans, probes that question—“Where was God?”—on May 20, 2013, when an EF5 tornado ripped through Moore, Okla., leaving death and destruction.

Plot summary

The film, which is documentary style, “follows several families and individuals who recount the timeline of destruction and share their experiences of the devastating and miraculous events that changed their lives forever.”

Positive elements

The movie grabs you by the heart, almost from the git-go. Those who go see it in the theatre (Note: The movie premieres at the Moore Warren Theatre on May 16, where it will continue to play) will need to bring a handkerchief. For a documentary that is interview-based, it keeps your attention the entire 85 minutes. The movie-making quality is high, and the footage of the storm brings you into the moment—and if you lived here in Oklahoma like many of us—back to that fateful day.

Negative elements

The stories and people interviewed are raw, and some of the images could be disturbing for the youngest of viewers. There is no inappropriate language or references.

Spiritual content

Judging by its name, you can probably guess that the movie tackles some of the deepest questions of the human heart. The movie speaks to sin, suffering, life, redemption, hope and salvation. There is a strong Christian theme and a Gospel-centered message that could resonate with anyone. Churches wishing to make this an outreach an event should go to to book a screening or bring it to a local theatre.


For a documentary that did not have a Hollywood-type movie budget nor household name actors, the filmmakers did remarkably well. This picture speaks to you and moves the viewer in enduring ways. Ten years from now, “Where Was God?” will be remembered much more by those who see it than the latest Marvel comic movie. Indeed, for those who find peace with God, through Christ, as a result of this picture, they will remember it for all eternity.


3.5 (out of 4)