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I was one of the last people to see Where was God? when it had its first screenings in May. This is a documentary about the enormous tornado that went through Moore, Okla. last year.

I’ll be honest, I had some skepticism, even though I knew the movie would do a good job covering the tragedy and featuring some of the victims who have recovered, or are still recovering. However, this movie did much more than feature an historic disaster. In fact, as a friend of mine put it, “the tornado is just a backdrop.”

If you were a fan of the television show, Lost, I think you would enjoy this movie. Viewers get to meet an eclectic cast of Moore citizens (are they Moor-ites?). None of these families knew each other before May 20, 2013, but what the tornado did was bring them together, as well as allow viewers to find out more about their lives and issues they dealt with before that significant, dreadful day.

In Lost, survivors of a plane crash are stranded on an island, but those who were avid watchers know the show was much more than these random people who were on a commercial flight together, figuring out how they were going to get off the island after the crash. There are background stories and multiple sub-plots about all the passengers, as well as others, including “The Others.”

Where was God? has a similar feel, though there’s no sinister villains or strange smoke monster. The cast is introduced; married couples describe how they met and fell in love, and a bonding with the viewers begins.

Details of May 20 are shown, how the tornado developed with great shots of the massive dark funnel cloud and descriptions given from the weather experts. The cast also share their intense experiences.

It’s easy to relate to all the characters. They reveal much of their lives, and their stories are powerful. It is possible to have a life-changing experience after watching this movie.

The movie will be returning to the Oklahoma City Metro, showing at the Quail Springs AMC Theater July 7-11. If you have already seen Where Was God? tell others about the upcoming showings. If you haven’t seen it, plan to go.

To find out more about Where Was God? visit The website has information of show times in other areas, and there is an option sharing how your church could host a screening of the movie.