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His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence —  2 Peter 1:3

We are in a strange place in our culture.

There are a lot of churches that say in their mission statement that they want to help change the world.

I know a lot of Christians who say they want to change the world…but when opportunities come, we shrink away.

I can think of at least four times last week where I could have shared my faith with someone who I knew was lost, but I did not.


I believe with every fiber of my being, that Jesus is the one who could totally transform and revolutionize their lives. Why am I silent?

I’m so guilty of doing just this very thing: Having a desire to change the world, but not really wanting to act on that desire. How horrible is that?

I mean, come on!! God has granted me everything I need when it comes to knowing about ‘life and godliness’ …why in the world do I not yell it from the tops of building that I have the answer? It’s gotta start somewhere…

I really want to change the world. But how can I do that? Most people think that when it comes to changing the world we must go to Africa or some other country in order for that to happen. Actually, it needs to start in my circle of influence. It needs to start with people I know. I need to share the Gospel with people I’m around, and let it build and go out from there!

I actually need to show people I love them, rather than just saying it. This is easier said than done. Nevertheless, I need to begin here and actually invest in people’s lives with my life, so that they can see the love of Jesus Christ rather than just hear about it.

I need to extend a helping hand rather than a judgmental hand, not saying that we excuse sin, but we need come to realize that we are all sinners, and we all need to find the grace and mercy of our Savior and our Lord by confessing and repenting of our sins.  If Christians were more concerned with people’s futures rather than their pasts, the church would be more likely to make a lasting and ETERNAL impact on their lives.

Pray for me as I walk in and through this.

I don’t just want to love an idea…I want to live that idea out in my everyday life!