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As we approach the weekend, many in the common world are aware that the Super Bowl will be playing this Sunday. The most popular sporting event has been discussed exhaustively by media commentators and will continue until kickoff. Then, it will be discussed even more until the following week.

This week’s DHD will be sharing many of the social topics related to this year’s Super Bowl frenzy.

  1. Marshawn’s Media Mode

I don’t have a definite stance about Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch and his approach to not talk to the media. In one perspective, for a guy who is particular about whom he wants to address and when to address, he seems to be getting a lot of publicity for it, more so than if he were to follow the expected process.

On the other hand, Lynch makes a glaring point that to make a guy sit in front of cameras and reporters for interviews for three straight days is ridiculous. I realize there is a massive amount of media to cater to their needs, but there is just so much original rhetoric that could be collected. Have the players come out for one news conference. Whoever can’t be there, they can get transcripts that the P.R. interns type up.

I don’t know if this could directly apply to Lynch, but his refraining from answering questions caused me to think of a verse that a friend of mine shared with me. “The intelligent person restrains his words, and one who keeps a cool head is a man of understanding” (Prov. 17:27).

Or perhaps the verse that follows would be more applicable. “Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent…” (Prov. 17:28).

  1. Patriots’ Problem With Air Pressure Persists

I wrote about the New England Patriots and “Deflate-gate” last week in my blog “Morality Deflated”. Since my post was published, press conferences were held by quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick (twice), claiming they did not know anything about the game balls being tampered, and new evidence was revealed about a ball boy spending 90 seconds in the bathroom after picking up the footballs from the official who inspected the footballs’ air pressure.

Some say “Deflate-gate” is overblown; others say this is a major tampering of the integrity of the game, plus it’s the Patriots second offense of not playing by the rules.

Some of the media coverage of this scandal has weakened for now, but I will be curious to see what happens after the Super Bowl. Whether the Patriots win or lose, I know they will still have to face the NFL and the court of public opinion.

If nothing else, and if Brady and others are found guilty, it goes to prove once again the biblical lesson “Be sure your sins will find you out” (Num. 32:23).

  1. Russell’s Rhetoric is Right On

I’m impressed with Russell Wilson. The Seahawks quarterback seems to be genuine with his Christian faith. Here’s some of his quotes from an article on

“In terms of my legacy off the field, I want to be a Christian man that helps lead and helps change lives and helps serve other people…”

“For me, I’m able to use my gift to glorify God. That’s what it’s about for me.”

  1. Does God Care About Football?

Wilson is known for praising God during interviews after a winning outcome, and it is a common response for many Christian athletes.

But a recent survey reported by the Detroit News that 26 percent of those surveyed believe God plays a role in determining the outcome of a sporting event. It was an interesting article but didn’t seem to take God too seriously.

I believe God is the blessed controller of all things (I Tim. 6:15), and He cares about an inexpensive sparrow falling to the ground (Matt. 10:29). These promises remind us how much God cares for us, but they can also reveal that God may care more about things, including outcomes of ball games, than we may think.

  1. Can the Scantily Clad Commercials

Many will be watching the Super Bowl just to see the really expensive commercials. Some are impressive, funny and creative. One of my all-time favorites was shown a couple of years ago featuring the voice of Paul Harvey reciting “So God Made a Farmer” in a Dodge Ram truck ad.

However, we also know many commercials are sexually explicit, using attractive models to promote products. Carl’s Jr. is taking heat for a commercial that was supposed to be shown but now will not be featured during the Super Bowl. I don’t know much about the commercial, but from what I’ve seen in recent Carl’s Jr. ads, it probably would be best not to air it.

Modesty doesn’t seem to have much value in society today, but considering that the NFL is trying to clean up its reputation, I would suggest they would be wise to shore up how they are affiliated with promotions that feature women immodestly.

  1. Another ‘Super’ Event

The Super Bowl isn’t the only event that is abuzz this week in Oklahoma. Many are still talking about the State Evangelism Conference that was at First Southern Baptist Church in Del City earlier this week, Jan. 26-27.

Franklin Graham spoke in the Monday evening session, in front of 3,500 people, and Jim Cymbala concluded the SEC Tuesday night with 2,250 attending. All of the speakers were excellent, and both Graham and Cymbala gave messages that were impactful and life-changing.

The services can be viewed online, and I encourage those who didn’t get to hear Graham or Cymbala to go to and watch the videos. At this time I know Graham’s sermon can be viewed, but Cymbala and others will soon be available.