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NBC’s Brian Williams and I may not have a lot in common, but there are three things in which I see we are alike. We have the same first name, we are both journalists and we both wear neck ties a lot.

On a serious note, I am both saddened and reflective at the news of his being caught in a lie and his downfall. I therefore offer this open prayer to the Lord God:

Dear Lord,

I praise Your Name and thank You for Who You are. With Brian Williams’ recent fall from favor and position, I am reminded of many things about You.

I am reminded that You alone, O Lord, never have sinned. I am reminded that, no matter how dark the times, You have made us in Your image and with a conscience that longs for truth, as a friend pointed out to me just today.

Forgive me, if I have ever misrepresented the facts or tried to inflate a view of myself to others. Set me on an unwavering path of truth. Forgive me, forgive us, for so easily seeing sin in others and not in our own lives.

Forgive us for reveling in the downfall of people and taking pleasure in the humiliation of others.

May, through Jesus Christ, Mr. Williams take on a spirit of repentance and find reconciliation and forgiveness, not just with TV executives or viewers, but to You God.

May Your grace and truth be near to all who call on You. I pray this in Jesus’ holy Name, Amen.