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Conversation Peace book coverAre you minding your mouth?  Do you gossip? Nag? Complain? Talk too much? Fail to listen?  If so, the book Conversation Peace is for you!  Published by LifeWay, this award winning, interactive Bible Study geared to women was newly revised in 2014.

Author Mary Kassian is an award winning author, popular speaker, and a distinguished professor of women’s studies at Southern Baptist Seminary. She has published several books, Bible studies and videos, including: Girls Gone Wise, In My Father’s House: Finding Your Heart’s True Home, Conversation Peace, Vertically Inclined, and Feminist Mistake.  More information about Kassian can be found at

The Bible sets a very high standard for our speech. In this study, Kassian notes that communication problems are spiritual problems requiring spiritual solutions.  The book is all about speech transformation and relying on God’s power to transform us from the inside out. She offers biblical principles to help women revolutionize their speech habits and improve their relationships. The book is divided into six sessions:

  1. Power of Navigation: Your tongue is a steering mechanism. It can be used as a weapon or a tool. Learn how you can be better able to avoid disaster and direct your life along the right course.
  2. Power of Cause and Effect: The words we speak are connected to what lies in the store house of our hearts. Our words and behavior reveal our thoughts and attitudes. What comes out of our mouths when we are particularly irritated, exhausted or stressed out? How do we react when extremely angry? Our hearts must be transformed and filled with the truth of God’s word.
  3. Power of Exchange: New patterns of thought must be placed in our minds. We must identify the lies we believe and replace them with seeds of truth, abundance, grace, gratitude and excellence.
  4. Power of the Open Gate: Learn how to tear down barriers such as quarreling, controlling and making assumptions in order to pave the way for peace, humility and patience. Improve your relationships.
  5. Power of Construction: Learn to encourage and affirm instead of criticizing others. Nourish relationships to build harmony and unity.
  6. Power of Instruction: Become a person who has a teachable spirit and has a well-instructed tongue.

One of my favorite teachings of the book is the P-48 test.  Kassian teaches that Phil. 4:8 can be used as a filter to test the goodness of the seeds of thoughts, beliefs and words.  Are the seeds pure, right, admirable, and true? After shaking through the filter should they be thrown out or planted?

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things” (Phil. 4:8).

This is my second time to facilitate this Bible Study, and I highly recommend it. The practical and interactive Bible Study workbook is designed for six weeks of study and seven sessions. It’s perfect for individual study, small groups or a family study. Although geared to women, anyone would benefit from the principles taught.  Kassian weaves in “tongue tonics” which are practical concepts and skills to help communication such as listening skills, the correct way to apologize, and the importance of tone and body language.  The book includes leader helps and Scripture memory cards.  Additional resources are available at and

Do you need some Conversation Peace?