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Mention movie titles like “Fireproof” and “Courageous,” and Christians will recognize these as films that are powerful, moving and well done.

From the award-winning Kendrick Brothers, creators of these movies, comes a new film called “War Room,” which debuts in theatres August 28.

Actor, producer, filmmaker and Christian leader Alex Kendrick, will be coming to Oklahoma to the 2015 Rewired Men’s Retreat to speak to the men of this state. Also at the retreat, War Room will be shown in its entire length (Note: the movie also will be shown at the Ladies Retreat earlier that month).

The Kendrick Brothers have a unique ability, which they would attribute to God, to tap into an urgent issue or need in the church through their movies.

Just as “Fireproof” focused on marriage and “Courageous” focused on fatherhood, “War Room” also has a theme: prayer.  According to sources, “The plot focuses on a couple, portrayed by Shirer and Stallings, who have all the trappings of perfect lives, but whose marriage is falling apart. They salvage their lives by learning to earnestly and fervently pray.”

The PG-rated, family-friendly film features some recognizable faces including Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shirer.

As I have said for a long time, movies like these are powerful because they speak to the heart. While critics may dismiss or ignore this movie, the impact cannot be explained away. Understanding the power of movies today, the Kendrick Brothers appear to have created another hit in the making.

Let’s pray this movie is as successful or even more than its predecessors. And more still, let’s pray that a powerful prayer movement would begin in the church house in America, realizing our only hope is not in a politician or business leader, but in God Himself.

Information and a movie trailer can be found at this website,