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‘War Room’ is Worth Watching

‘War Room’ is Worth Watching

I attended the Rewired men’s retreat last weekend at Falls Creek Conference Center, near Davis. A highlight of the event was a preview showing of an upcoming movie, War Room, the fifth film to be released from Alex and Stephen Kendrick, who also directed and produced faith-based films such as Fireproof and Courageous.

Those who are fans of the previous Kendrick brothers’ movies should fall in love with War Room as well. In fact, I think War Room exceeds the former four films.

As Fireproof focused on strengthening marriages, and Courageous emphasized the importance of Christian men being leaders, War Room stresses prayer and how it plays a significant part of the strategy for facing spiritual battles.

Though the story centers on Elizabeth Jordan, played by well-known Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer, and how she deals with her husband and daughter, the real star of the show is Miss Clara, an elderly woman who befriends Elizabeth. Miss Clara’s sagacious influence and humorous remarks make her appear “Yoda-like,” but her practical, methodical approach to an abundant prayer life exceeds a fictional “Force,” that could impact Christian viewers in making changes to how they approach God’s throne.

Both the opening and closing scenes are what make War Room surpass other Kendrick movies. Miss Clara’s dialogue plays a significant part in both the movie’s beginning and end, but the soundtrack and filming elements add to the chilling effects as well.

Unless you can take advantage of early previews, you will have to wait until War Room premieres Aug. 28 in theaters. However, the wait will be worth it. Churches and Christian groups wanting to reserve showings would be making wise investments. Visit for “Group Tickets.”

Photo credit: Kevin Peeples, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films

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