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Much to discuss in this week’s edition of DHD, and my first topic has been a popular one for the past week. Let’s get to it.

  1. Dugger dilemma delivers differing deductions

“You write bitter accusations against me and bring up all the sins of my youth” Job 13:26 (NLT). This verse was included in my Bible reading this morning. I found it to be too relevant for what has been happening in the aftermath since the national revelation involving Josh Dugger of “19 Kids and Counting” fame.

If you are a regular visitor to Word Slingers, you may have perused Brian Hobbs’ piece yesterday “19 Criticisms and Counting: 3 Thoughts on the Dugger Controversy.” I may or may not have been a contributor to some of his thoughts :-).

Multiple articles have been written since Josh Dugger’s resignation and the cancellation of the TV show on TLC. Writers with legal backgrounds and counseling expertise have used this sad pronouncement from the Dugger family to express lengthy allegations against their lifestyle and life choices. Perhaps these conclusions have credence. Perhaps also that sharks do attack when they smell blood.

I have neither the authority nor the complete knowledge in order to speak proficiently of this popular family who willingly chose to put their lives on display for the world to watch on reality TV. But there is something of which I am familiar because it has affected my own life: God’s grace is truly amazing, and not only is His grace greater than all my sins, it is greater than the conclusions of all experts of all time.

With that, I let you draw your own Dugger deductions.

  1. Homeschool haggle

One association with the Duggar family that has been a constant criticism and caught further fire is the homeschooling system, since the Duggars are known for this choice of education.

I don’t have children and personally feel foolish to speak on this from a parental perspective. But I do respect Trevin Wax who wrote an excellent diagnosis last year of all the schooling options. I yield to his blog piece “Educating Our Kids: Exploring the Options.”

I appreciate his conclusion that it is best for parents to decide how they want their children to be educated, but they should be aware that all options have strengths and weaknesses and should “seek to minimize whatever weaknesses (their) approach entails.”

  1. Word Slingers rewind

You may not know that Word Slingers is about two-and-a-half years old. This blog site has featured numerous excellent pieces in this time.

Recently, I looked at a progress report on Word Slingers which featured the most read articles on the site. Ranked first among well-read Word Slingers articles is a piece written in 2013 by Brittney Brown titled “The Best Way to Hurt a Woman.

With an excellent headline, Brittney shares a great challenge, not only for young women but for all to understand genuine beauty.

  1. Declaring to disciple

I recently was involved in a three-week training course to help prepare myself to be a counselor, and for other ministry opportunities, during the upcoming Franklin Graham “Good News Festival” in August, here in Oklahoma City. This was an excellent experience that encouraged me in my own spiritual walk, and I got to go through the training for three straight Thursday nights with a good friend of mine.

The course ended last week, so when this Thursday came, I realized my night was free. I jokingly sent a text to my friend saying that I am “going through training withdrawals tonight.” He responded lightheartedly, but he included something that convicted me. He said, “Haha!! Get a man to meet with one on one!!! That helps!”

Though he shared with humor, he made me realize I need to be actively searching for someone to disciple. I offer this as a prayer request, that God will help me recognize that specific man or men I should invest myself in helping them grow spiritually, just as Paul helped Timothy.

“…commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (II Tim. 2:2b).

  1. Pratt professes patriotism

Chris Pratt is becoming one of my favorite actors. I do find him incredibly funny, though he has demonstrated uncouthness in his past performances. But the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star won some points with me personally, when he was featured in a video teaching his young son the Pledge of Allegiance. Watch for yourself:

6. NBA Finals

After a regular viewing of the NBA playoffs, which has produced a lot of exciting games, an extended break has occurred. I don’t recall ever having such a lengthy layoff after the conference championships. However, I will be rooting for the Golden State Warriors, as the champion of the Western Conference. Also, I do like watching Stephen Curry, how he has become an amazing scorer.

Speaking of Curry, be on the lookout next week in the Baptist Messenger as it will feature an article on this year’s NBA MVP and how outspoken Curry is about his Christian faith.

That’s all for this week! Stay dry!