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This day started with a nice shower, cooling the temps at least for the time of my writing. Now for the hot topics in this week’s edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen.

1. New Visitation Revelation

Check out Alvin Reid’s blog on “Church Visitation and the Next Generation.” I remember well the description Reid offers about trying to find houses of those who visited my church, not knowing exactly the street to turn or misreading the Google map’s instructions, then finding no one at home and using up 45 minutes with no result.

This idea he proposes is excellent and effective. It shows a willingness to adjust or try other options to connect people with church, especially those classified as “millennials.”

“…we would do well to meet them where they are comfortable instead of expecting them to be available in ways we are used to using.”

Church trends are just that. What was effective in past generations may not work for today’s generation. Don’t compromise biblical convictions but consider other approaches. Be willing to be “all things to all people so that I may by all means save some” (I Cor. 9:22).

2. Falls Creek dedications

I had a busy night last night at one of my favorite places in all the world. I know I have mentioned Falls Creek in DHD in the past (at least I believe I have). If you are unfamiliar with this Oklahoma tradition, I would love to personally introduce you to this great place in the Arbuckle Mountains. I have so many memories that could fills dozens of DHDs.

Last night was a special night as I was covering the dedication ceremony of the new Jordan Welcome Center at Falls Creek. This is a beautiful building that will be used to help make the Falls Creek experience even better. It is named in honor of Dr. Anthony Jordan, the executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

As Falls Creek is approaching its 100th year of existence and having an impact on thousands upon thousands of Christians, especially those who have surrendered to ministry and missions works, we think about the many who were instrumental in creating this conference center and encampment and maintaining its reputation. Dr. Jordan is near the top of that list, and so far leads the ranks of making Falls Creek relevant, appealing and effective in the next century for the work of God’s kingdom.

3. Did Steve Kerr really lie?

I enjoyed Game 4 of the NBA Finals last night, with the controlling win by Golden State. The Warriors made the necessary adjustments to be more effective against Cleveland, including a starting lineup change that involved replacing center Andrew Bogut with forward Andre Igoudala (yes I googled to be sure I spelled correctly).

In the postgame press conference, Golden State head coach Steve Kerr apologized for telling the media earlier that day that he was not going to make a change in the starting lineup. He matter-of-factly said that he lied, and then justified saying they don’t give trophies for morality. They give them for winning.

His last comments made me a little uncomfortable. First, I don’t believe he needed to apologize. Secondly, he definitely did not need to play down morality after his unnecessary apology.

What Kerr did was appropriate in gamesmanship. He did not violate any rules, and he did not have to declare at the time who was in the starting lineup. However, his explanation of not giving trophies for morality easily could be misinterpreted.

The “win at all costs” mentality is never appropriate. “It’s not cheating unless you’re caught” evolves from this philosophy.

It’s apparent that Kerr has a conscience and knows how the media works, which is why he felt he needed to apologize. However, I think it would have been best to stop at the apology without the added justification.

4. OSSAA and prayer

Oklahoma State Rep. Bobby Cleveland is challenging the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association’s rule on prayer during state playoff games. I support his intention and hope he will be successful in getting this overturned. I definitely appreciated this comment he made:

“Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion,” Cleveland said. “It takes an awful lot of twisting around to get the concept so backwards. It is amazingly clear cut when you break it down, isn’t it?”

5. Paul not appalled by gay marriage?

David Roach’s analysis “Why gay marriage would not surprise Paul” gives great support to contradict the notion that the ancient world was ignorant of current society’s acceptance of same-sex marriage.

I definitely appreciate his final remarks and referencing Ecclesiastes’ popular message that there is nothing new under the sun.

6. Discovering Columbus next week

Next week I will be in Columbus, Ohio for the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting. This will be my first time to visit the town of Ohio State University. From what I understand, Columbus is known to be favorite stop for “Foodies” with many popular restaurants. I know my wife would not want me to do too much exploring from this standpoint, but I may partake in an eatery or two while I’m there.

If you’ve been to Columbus and have any suggestions of what I should experience, please let me know! I’m sure next week’s DHD will offer some of my experiences in the Buckeye state.