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I’m covering a lot of current hot topics this week. I don’t know if I provide much original insight, but some of these subjects are definitely being discussed through social media and the regular media.

Let’s get to them.

  1. Duggar Dilemma Part Deux

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had their interview this week, and the critics have responded in rage.

Whoopi Goldberg shouts “Don’t talk about God….” and her audience responds with thunderous applause before she can finish her statement about not forgiving others who “feel differently than you.” Another critic on a panel with Dr. Drew emotionally charges other Christians to not associate with the Duggars. Another reporter on Good Morning America said he, as a father of young daughters, was shocked with how the Duggars handled the issue 12 years ago (but didn’t seem upset that this information was recently sent illegally to a tabloid, at the expense of the young female victims).

There are people from all philosophical viewpoints who have expressed different levels of concern after the interview. Many believe there was a cover-up, as the Duggar family agreed to be involved in the reality TV show. Their response is the experience was five years removed when the show began, and they as a family reconciled and thought it was behind them. I confess, there seems to be some naivety with this explanation, but I believe they are genuine in their answer.

I could commit this whole DHD to this Duggar situation. There is a lot to process. It’s a very troubling topic with few positives and an abundance of negatives. I’ll just conclude on what I think the few positives are.

The Gospel was shared in the Duggar interview. They expressed Jesus died for all sins. They have demonstrated genuine forgiveness, as well as reconciliation with Josh and his sisters, even though many do not believe them. They will go on with their lives, more than likely with the cancellation of the show (which I believe is best), and hopefully they will make it their ambition to lead a quiet life in such a way that, over time, they can gain the respect of outsiders (I Thess. 4:11-12).

  1. Jenner to receive ESPN Arthur Ashe Award

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner will be receiving ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the network’s ESPY Award Show in July. Many have expressed outrage for this decision, stating there are many other individuals who would be more deserving.

ESPN gave a defending response that Jenner showed courage by “embracing her identity in a public way to help move forward a constructive dialogue about progress and acceptance.”

How I interpret that phrase is ESPN wants to force the issue, whether society wants to accept transgenderism or not, and deem it to be progress. This award has little to do with Jenner and a lot more to do with the influential power of a major television network.

  1. Response to Muslim blog

Have you read Stacy Neuschaefer’s blog “I used to be afraid of Muslims”? It’s an excellent, thought-provoking piece. Definitely read her final two paragraphs, as she applies the teaching of Christ.

A friend from high school who is now a missionary in France read it and said she appreciated Stacy’s piece. She said the city where their church is located has a large Muslim population. This blog encouraged my friend to not be nervous, and she is praying the Lord will help her be a witness to her Muslim neighbors.

  1. Another thought on Adrian Peterson

I wrote about Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings in February, emphasizing both parties needed to reconcile. You can read it here.

It appears both Peterson and the Vikings have done what I proposed – “Move on, bury the hatchet, let bygones be bygones.”

Peterson will still face critics, but it will be downplayed if the all-pro running back has another powerful return to the field. If the Vikings are willing to reconcile to the tune of $12.75 million over the next two years, AD should take the money and, literally, run.

  1. NBA Finals

I loved Game One of the NBA Finals. That had to be one of the best ever opening matchups of the NBA championship series. Before Golden State fans already consider this series to be theirs, the Thunder faced a similar situation after they won the first game of their Finals series against Miami. The Heat responded by winning the following four games and claiming the title.

Golden State appears to be in a better position than the 2012 Thunder, especially since Cleveland is in a tough predicament after Kyrie Irving aggravated his already-injured knee. I do believe the Warriors will win the NBA title, but don’t be surprised if Cleveland somehow makes it challenging.

  1. Congrats to Mike Montoro

I end this week’s DHD with a shout out to my longtime friend and former boss, Mike Montoro, who will be acknowledged later this month at the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) annual meeting. He will be receiving a special award for his 25 years in the business.

I first met Mike as a freshman at Liberty University. We both were student assistants in LU’s sports information office. Little did I know then that we would share a multitude of amazing experiences over a span of two decades. We worked together at two schools – LU and University of Southern Miss. He made it possible for me to earn my master’s degree, and most importantly, he was very instrumental in helping me advance in my career. Above all, Mike Montoro is a very dear friend and my brother in Christ.

I welcome your thoughts on any of the topics I addressed this week. Enjoy your weekend!