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Wow, it’s a heavy day. For two weeks in a row I changed my topics. After the SCOTUS announcement this morning, I considered to speak only on one topic. However, though the marriage ruling is major news, it would be good to maintain my traditional (pardon the pun) presentation.

  1. Maintain Marriage and Moral Measures

I can’t say anything that has not been said by those who I admire and respect on the marriage ruling. I did notice on Facebook I posted a response on this day two years ago to the Supreme Court’s ruling to reject the Defense of Marriage Act: “Not surprised but disappointed. Through it all, God is sovereign. Praise Him in good times and in troubling times.”  The same applies today.

So how do we as Evangelical Christians respond? As I consistently reference, Russell Moore’s piece in the Washington Post is an excellent answer.

In short, here’s what I suggest: Don’t decry, instead display. If you are married, strengthen your marriage and remain faithful to your spouse. If you are single, practice sexual purity. If you are engaged to be married, observe Biblical counseling and maintain proper guidelines before your wedding day.

I know these aspects seem too simple and maybe “backwards,” but they will have a major impact on society in the days ahead.

  1. Russell Moore’s list on Southern Baptists

Again, I’m showing my admiration for Moore. Have you read “10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Southern Baptists”? This is the best, Jerry, THE BEST!!

I wish more churches would join the Southern Baptist Convention. If you have concerns about the SBC, Moore’s list should help you better understand that being Southern Baptist isn’t as bad as you think. Read all 10 things before you conclusively oppose.

I’d be all for a national marketing plan to encourage non-denoms and other evangelical churches to consider the SBC. As I mentioned last week, James MacDonald’s church in Chicago is now an SBC church. I don’t know why this is not touted more.

Why am I so strong willed about the SBC? It’s for one thing and one thing only – the Cooperative Program. This funding mechanism, as Moore describes it (see No. 5 on the list), is the most effective way churches throughout the country and beyond can work together to do missions and ministry.

A small rural church in Georgia and a megachurch in California join together to financially support “Kingdom” work, spreading the Gospel throughout the world. Do they agree on all doctrinal issues? No, but they can best demonstrate the Great Commission, which all Evangelical Christian churches agree that we are called to do.

  1. Farewell to BBJ

Today is the funeral of Bob Berry, Jr., a well-loved sports broadcaster in the OKC area. I’ve heard many other sports media personalities pay tribute to BBJ, and I enjoyed hearing all of them.

I met BBJ in Hattiesburg, Miss., when he came down to cover the Oklahoma State-Southern Miss football game in 2001. My brother Jon was there too, and we both introduced ourselves to BBJ, telling him that some friends ours thought Jon resembled BBJ. His response to Jon, “Well you’re a fine looking guy!” I’ve seen him a few times over the years, mostly at Thunder games, and he always said hello to me. It saddens me to hear of his passing. May God comfort his family.

  1. Thunder Draft Thoughts

Last night was the NBA Draft, and the Oklahoma City Thunder selected Cameron Payne, the point guard from Murray State, who many expected the Thunder would get. From what I can tell, Payne should fit in well, as a backup point guard.

Reading into this selection, I am also encouraged with the pick because what it says to me is the Thunder’s front office is showing confidence they can re-sign Kevin Durant at the end of next season. By drafting a point guard and not a small forward or someone with a reputation of being a major scorer, Sam Presti and the gang are taking the risk of putting a whole bunch of eggs in KD’s basket. This is commendable.

Experts will continue to spout off about KD going to Washington or LA or Miami after next season, and maybe he will consider going elsewhere, which is obviously his privilege if he so chooses. But one thing is certain, the Thunder is demonstrating loudly and clearly they will do their best to make the most appealing offer within the organization’s ability. That is all Thunder fans can hope.

  1. Falls Creek Follow-up

The world’s largest Christian youth encampment had some unexpected events happen in the last week. Major flooding caused the Week 3 (June 15-19) experience at Falls Creek to conclude early, and Week 4, this week, was cancelled entirely because of the flood results.

I wrote about Anthony Jordan, executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, giving an update on Falls Creek and how the camp will be in operation for Week 5, next week.

It is a rare experience for there not to be summer camp at Falls Creek, and it’s not just for tradition’s sake, but considering the impact the Falls Creek experience can have on many students who have had their lives changed for the sake of the Gospel that is presented on those grounds, it is a blessing and a privilege. May the cancellations be fewer in the future.

  1. A major relief for Disaster Relief

I’ll end with some good news. Last weekend, a Baptist Disaster Relief team from Tennessee was serving in Lawton, helping with homes affected with flood damage. Their truck with equipment trailer was parked in a church lot, while they were retiring for the evening. When they returned to the lot, they noticed the truck and trailer was stolen.

After reporting to the police, the Tennessee DR volunteers (pardon the pun) were able to use equipment from the Oklahoma DR team. A day after reporting the missing truck, it was found off a highway in a deserted field. All the equipment remained intact and undamaged.

Praise the Lord for protecting this resource that is needed to do great work with those affected by disasters for the sake of the Gospel!