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I want to introduce myself to the Word Slingers family. My name is C.J. Cavin, and I am new to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma/Baptist Messenger family.

Today is an interesting day for me. It has been exactly one month since I started a new career at the BGCO.

First, let me say that it has been an awesome experience so far. I have enjoyed working with talented and compassionate people who have been called to do God’s work for others.

Second, this day means more than a work anniversary, but today also is my spiritual birthday. Let me explain.

I prayed a prayer and Jesus came to live in my heart. That was 12 years ago today. I was attending my first Falls Creek at 13 years old and did not think about how it would change my life forever.

The number of people who I encountered at Falls Creek that year was tremendous, but there are three who will always stand out. The first was my youth pastor, Jimmy Carter, Jr. (I promise my youth pastor is not a former President), my pastor, Derrick Carney, and the Falls Creek program leader, James Lankford.

The message for the night was drawing a line in the sand. “What would happen to our lives if we did not draw a line in the sand? What would we stand for?” – These were the questions posed, and the answer that kept coming up was that a relationship with Jesus Christ, which is the only answer. I felt the call, and, as a nervous child, I took my pastor by the hand, and he prayed a prayer with me.

I went to Falls Creek every year until I graduated high school. For those who have not been to Falls Creek, when the invitation is opened up during the nightly service, they also invite those who have felt the call to ministry. The second year I went to camp, I felt the call. I felt the same call my third year, fourth year, and every year.

I knew that God wanted me to be in vocational ministry but that is not what I wanted. I wanted to attend law school, and I still might, but the more I resisted, the more He reigned me in.

I finally submitted to do what He called me to do, and shortly after that, I stumbled across a job opening that would allow me to support His ministry and work in an area of which I was familiar.

I find it ironic that the place I was called to work was the organization that runs Falls Creek, where I was saved 12 years ago today. I guess it isn’t really ironic, but it goes to show when we let go of our own selfish desires, God will be there with a plan.

What is standing in the way of God’s plan for you?