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When President Barack Obama announced his viewpoint on same-sex marriage has “evolved” in 2012, from being against it to being for it, it became okay for large parts of the population to embrace same-sex marriage as well.

Thus far, our President has been an outspoken proponent of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. This month, Planned Parenthood has been exposed by a series of undercover videos showing that their organization, at the highest levels, is aware of and is involved in the harvesting and sale of “fetal tissue” from children aborted in their clinics.

Mr. Obama has not, to date, publicly commented on the issue. Yet some surprising voices are rising up against Planned Parenthood and calling for the removal of tax dollars to the organization, including USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers. I am hoping and praying others will add their voices, including our President.

You see, we are not asking you, Mr. President, to reverse your overall commitment to abortion on demand (though we want that). We are not expecting that you would lead the charge to implement laws that restrict abortion and protect unborn life (though we would applaud you at this).

What we are hoping and praying for is that you will see that taxpayer dollars—to the tune of a half billion dollars annually—should be taken away from Planned Parenthood.

You wield great power as the President, influencing the opinions of many. You have control of the Department of Justice, who along with Congress, can officially investigate Planned Parenthood’s activities. Your Affordable Care Act program theoretically could be expanded, along with private and other medical organizations, to take care of any non-disputed services Planned Parenthood says they offer, such as cancer screens.

But even more than this, your change of course on taxpayer-funded abortion would signal an evolution of views that we all could be proud of, one that is more respectful of life at every age and stage. Mr. President, please re-consider this issue of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. For the sake of taxpayers; for the sake of women and children; for the sake of our nation, which should always bring down the haughty and raise up the weak.

Whether or not Mr. Obama’s commitment to Planned Parenthood will change and evolve, time will tell. In the meantime, if you have been a supporter of Planned Parenthood for a long time or a little time—with these new startling revelations—are you willing to reconsider your view?