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Are you tired of the Planned Parenthood controversy and what the videos are revealing? Please don’t be. This is too important of an issue and needs to remain at the forefront of social topics for the purpose of enlightening our country of what is happening at the clinics of the largest abortion provider in our country.

One reason to not lose steam is those who support abortion are providing talking points on how to “debunk” explanations given in support of defunding Planned Parenthood. Case in point, I found an internet article by Amanda Marcotte titled “Six Things to Say to Your Conservative Relatives Who Buy Into Anti-Planned Parenthood Propaganda.”

After I read this piece, I started thinking. This piece offers six points, and I write a regular column that consistently offers a list of six topics. It sounds to me like it was meant to be for this week’s Doyle’s Half Dozen to debunk this “debunking.” So let’s get to it!

  1. “The accusation that Planned Parenthood is profiting off abortion is silly.” The writer ends this point by saying “Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization.” Well, there you have it! Case closed! I’ve worked for non-profits. “Non-profit” doesn’t mean non-revenue. The first video against Planned Parenthood features Deborah Nucatola offering a quote for specimens that can range from $30 to $100 each and mentioning how some arrangements are done “behind closed doors” because Planned Parenthood is concerned about their liability for selling baby parts. The second video shows Mary Gatter saying if the “price is low” she is willing to “bump it up” in order to get “what others are getting.” Of course she ends with her famous remark “I want a Lamborghini.” She may have been kidding, in a twisted way, but there was an understanding by everybody they are getting revenue off bartering baby parts. If this isn’t enough information to convince you, read former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson’s remarks about getting compensated $200 a baby that they enrolled in a research study.
  2. “Fetal tissue has been used to develop life-saving treatments.” The writer links to an article used to defend her point on life-saving treatments. This same article states stem cell therapy could help phase out the practice of collecting cells from fetal tissue. The writer also tries to justify using fetal tissue for research is better than throwing it in the trash. This calloused mindset forgets the fact that an aborted baby is being used to save another human. Plain and simple, this is experimentation of weaker people to help stronger people. Organs, eyeballs, limbs are removed from an early-stage life with the intent of helping another life. Gloss over that fact if you will, but it does not change this inhumane practice.
  3. “Most medical procedures are gross, but no one is trying to ban heart surgery.” Heart surgery is a reparative procedure. Abortion is a destructive procedure. My dad had heart surgery, and he was able to recover. No one can say the same about an abortion. The reason it is gross is envisioning a tiny baby’s body is being crushed above and below particular organs in order to have them harvested.
  4. “Doctors have to do things like dissect dead bodies and study gross diseases.” Again, the callousness, the numbness, the focused mindset to overlook the fact that this involves taking apart an unborn human life. This isn’t doing an autopsy or removing a gall bladder.
  5. “Planned Parenthood’s federal funding supports contraception and prevents abortions.” What exactly is meant by contraception? Keep in mind, there are abortifacient drugs, such as RU 486 and the Morning After Pill, that are considered contraception. This is a deceiving tactic. I like what Rich Lowry said if Planned Parenthood genuinely wanted to prevent abortions: “Planned Parenthood could straightforwardly do its part to reduce abortions – by not championing abortion, by not fighting restrictions on abortions, and most of all, by not performing abortions.” Also, read Lowry’s response to Planned Parenthood insistence that abortion is only 3 percent of its provisions.
  6. “Planned Parenthood has shorter wait times and more on-the-spot service for family planning than community health centers.” Sen. James Lankford did an excellent job debunking this. In some areas of the country the ratio of community health centers to Planned Parenthood clinics is almost 20-to-1. In Oklahoma, there are approximately 60 community health centers and four PP clinics, and none of the four are outside Oklahoma City or Tulsa. And PP clinics only do referrals while community health centers can perform mammograms and other health examinations.

The writer ended with making the comment that the videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s practices is “just a pretense. The real goal is to make it harder for women—especially low-income women—to have happy, healthy sex lives.”

Dear friend, I can tell you this accusation is pure deceit. I speak for many who have an even better desire for women. We want them to have abundant life (John 10:10).

Those who defend Planned Parenthood don’t think about the women who struggle after having an abortion. For eight years I have been a volunteer at Hope Pregnancy Center, and I have witnessed many such women attend “Forgiven and Set Free” sessions, which help them cope with their grief and pain and eventually understand what forgiveness and reconciliation feels like. Those who lead these sessions are the true champions for women.

I end this week’s DHD with a powerful video of Russell Moore, who gives the best explanation of what happened since the Planned Parenthood videos have been released.