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Several Octobers ago, my family and I were out of town, where we saw a local pumpkin patch. The day there was going great; that is, until we got interested in the hayride.

Told by the slick salesman of the hayride tickets that it was a “family experience we would never forget” and that it went through their neat kids village, we bought the tickets and hopped on board.

What the salesman failed to tell us was that this “family-oriented village” display had been decorated for a teen nightly fright fest.

I remember, among the quaint cottage looking houses, scenes of ghosts and ghouls. Even worse, there were graphic scenes of severed heads, limbs and bloody body parts.

We did the best we could to cover our kids eyes. My wife, at the end, demanded our money back.

Now this was a private operation, with a twisted but simulated presentation. Yet it closely resembles what we now know about Planned Parenthood.

Due to videos exposing Planned Parenthood, we know there are real body parts from aborted babies being severed and sold by this group, which always falsely advertises itself as a pro-family.

Think about it: these are not plastic body parts painted red but are the parts of real boys and girls. What is worse, our tax dollars are paying a large portion of this bloody business’ bottom line.

Many, like we did at the hayride, are hiding their eyes from this truth, but for all the wrong reasons.

I, for one, pray the nation will open its eyes to what is really going on. And I pray that more people, including in Congress, will say the words to Planned Parenthood that the salesman heard: “We want our money back!”