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Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Life | 1 comment

Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate Therapy

I cannot be the only one. If I am, then, all the rest of y’all are wrong.

Do you not have days when you are driving to work already frustrated because you are traveling at a snail’s pace and then (because you have nothing else to do) you find yourself noticing the shades of pink and orange and purple in the sky, and as you take a deep breath, you smile and say a whispered “thank you” to the Lord for the new mercies the morning has brought?OKC Sunrise

I had that moment this morning. I didn’t even know yet how much I would need a fresh allotment of mercy and grace. All day long.

Remember, I was driving at a snail’s pace. I had a full calendar of tasks today, and I HAD to get them done, not just for the deadlines looming, but because I had plans to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, and those greens and that catfish were my ultimate goal! So, I got to the office ready to rock and roll… and my computer was on strike. Full out, every program with a picket sign, STRIKE.

I sulked at my desk until superman appeared at my door.

I more than whispered another “thank you” prayer, but this one was thanking God for our IT guy. He is my hero; my new best friend. After I refilled his coffee cup (and mine… three times…) and he peacefully resolved the strike, we said our good-byes, and I started tackling my calendar.

By lunch time, when I should have made considerable progress, I was, instead, staring at a screen of .pdfs and .docs who didn’t play well with others.

My eye started twitching. My shoulders became tense. My tone became harsh. My patience wore thin.

I lost my glasses on top of my head, and I lost my paperwork in my paperwork. It happens. Don’t judge.

And then the merciful grace.

I got an “I love you” text from one of the best friends anyone has ever had. My .pdfs and .docs started holding hands. I got a little chocolate therapy.

I remembered the goodness of the Lord in even the little things. His faithfulness and His grace have chased after me even on the days when I was running — whether I was just running because I was busier than I should have been, or running away as fast and as far as I could go.

So, here’s what I’ll tell you on days like this:

  1. Say thank you to the Lord. –for something.
  2. Tell your friends you love them
  3. Chocolate therapy

Chocolate Cookies







Triple Chocolate Cookies (3 dozen)

What you need: a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, or a hand mixer and large bowl, or large bowl and clean hands. Its your call. Cookie sheet. 350 oven.


½ C unsalted butter, softened

½ C granulated Sugar

½ C brown sugar

1 large egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

(cream above ingredients together)

1 ½ C flour

¼ C cocoa

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

(mix with a fork until combined, then add to the wet ingredients and mix well)

½ C white chocolate chips

½ C semi-sweet chocolate chips

(fold in)


Drop rounded tablespoons full on to a cookie sheet and bake 12 minutes.

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One response to “Chocolate Therapy”

  1. Bob Simmons says:

    Hi, Becky! Last night I thought that I could get away with eating two store bought cookies that my wife brought home. This morning my glucose meter said 249 instead of the desirable 90 – 120 range. Having said that, does Splenda work correctly, and is there a sub for brown sugar (which is sugar and molasses.)

    Thanks for slinging words about my next to favorite thing, chocolate. (Jesus comes first, of course.)