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As a stay-at-home mom, I felt I had time to devote to growing spiritually. Despite the never-ending presence of tiny, noisy people, I could still find pockets of time for Bible study, journaling, and prayer.

But since I went back to work this year (outside the home), I have found myself square in the middle of a spiritual desert. My mind is consumed with students, meal making, grading papers, lesson planning, parenting issues, and keeping in touch with friends and family from morning until I fall into bed exhausted at night.

My increase in busyness gave birth to creeping doubts about my spiritual state. I shared these feelings with my husband one night and we discussed the state of the season. I came away with three reminders:

First, we have to realize that our position is secure in Christ no matter what season of life assaults us. Our salvation was secured by his sacrifice and even when we are spinning on life’s tilt-a-whirl, we still have a sympathetic High Priest who meets us in our weakness. When God looks at us, He sees Christ’s perfect sacrifice. Faith as small as a mustard seed has great power.

Secondly, I need to take stock of my priorities. We are exhorted in Scripture not to neglect the gathering together of the saints. Sunday mornings find me hungry for fellowship and teaching. Sometimes, that’s all I have to give, and that’s enough. But if we begin to neglect this special day, we might be losing sight of what really matters eternally. It’s always a good idea to take stock of our lives and make sure they align to our priorities.

Third, we nourish ourselves differently depending on the season. Some seasons have been spiritual feasts for me. This season is more like spiritual snacking. Some days, I’ll listen to the Bible or a sermon on my way to work, and some days I am consumed with mentally planning the day’s work. Other mornings, I look at the panorama of fall color spread out around me and give silent thanks to the Artist. Nighttime finds me too tired to read anything of substance, but as my head hits the pillow and my body curls into a sleepy ball, my mind goes to a sweet resting place and I fall asleep thinking Jesus, thank You for sleep.

Gratitude sings a worshipful song even when I’m rushing to and fro. Thank you, Lord, for this job, these children, this messy house, my tired husband, our cozy bed, food in the fridge, coffee in my cup. One day I’ll sit in a quiet house with a lit candle, my Bible and journal, and it will be so sweet. Today is not that day, but His presence is no less powerful. He is with us, always, even in the rush and the tide and the day filled with duty. Anything less than certainty in that truth is unbelief.

Lord, we do believe! Help our unbelief when busyness crowds out the sense of your presence.