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Another busy week is concluding, but I am happy to say that November is here!

I’m a big fan of November. Yes, it is the month which features my birthday, but it’s still a happy segment of the year for other reasons. Thanksgiving, of course, is a joyful time. Football season is reaching its peak. There seems to be a fun connection of fall heading into winter that meets in November, and of course, Christmas season is one of the happiest times of the year, which kicks off this month.

This is why I say November is the Friday of the calendar year. TGIN!

Now that I’ve shared my excitement on November, here’s six timely topics I address in another addition of Doyle’s Half Dozen:

  1. Houston’s response to HERO

Last Tuesday was Election Day and a victorious one for many voters across the country who hold conservative views on social issues. A recap of the election wins is provided in Baptist Press’ article “Pro-family voters score ‘massive victory’.”

One of the most significant election results was in Houston, as voters rejected Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) by the percentage margin of 62-38. For an explanation of what was involved in HERO, read ERLC’s Joe Carter’s piece “Explainer: What You Should Know About Houston’s ‘Bathroom Ordinance’.”

Of course, there are those who are disappointed with the voting result. Many liberal-minded celebrities and political figures will say how terrible and discriminatory it was to vote down HERO. Comedian Seth Meyers gave a response recently on his NBC late show. Obviously, he can get away with it because … well you know, it’s just a “humorous gig.” All the while, presentations like this paint a picture of bigotry and moronic mindsets of those who voted against the ordinance.

Believe what you want, but if you don’t think political maneuvers such as HERO attempt to beat down those whose conscience and convictions disagree with homosexual and transgender philosophies, then you are deceived. This wasn’t about equal rights. There are other laws in place that prevent discrimination – actual discrimination. HERO was about elevating a new ultra-liberal agenda that is beyond fairness.

Thankfully, for now, there are moments when Christian moral values still have precedence.

  1. Bravo for Bevin

Another conservative victory happened in the Kentucky Gubernatorial Race. I did some reading up on Matt Bevin who will be sworn in on Dec. 8 as the Bluegrass State’s next Governor and the second Republican to be elected Ky. Gov. in four decades.

Bevin gets strong approval from Southern Seminary as he has close relationships with the Louisville, Ky. School. He also opposes abortion and same-sex marriage, which means he will provide stronger support for Kim Davis, the county clerk who made national news for her refusal to sign marriage licenses.

Bevin served four years in the U.S. Army and rose to the rank of Captain. He also has a large family, which includes adopting four children from Ethiopia.

I liked what I read about Bevin until I went to his Wikipedia page and noticed a section about his reputation of lying. Granted, it’s Wikipedia which doesn’t hold much credibility, and when people run for office, such smearing accusations seem inevitable.

For the most part, I believe Bevin will have a positive impact.

  1. A Great Gospel Presentation Piece

WordSlingers contributor Stacy Neuschaefer wrote an excellent blog involving the movie “The 33” which is scheduled to be released in theaters next week. I admire people like Stacy who can easily apply the Gospel to relevant social topics.

She explains she has not seen the movie, but she is aware of the actual story behind the movie and uses its timeliness as an opportunity to tell unbelievers a powerful example of how what happened to the 33 miners in Chile can relate to her Christian testimony… as well as mine, and perhaps yours.

  1. Royals Rally Around Character

I grew up a Kansas City Royals fan. George Brett’s attempt to bat .400 during the 1980 season is what drew me. I remember all the details of winning the 1985 World Series and could recite K.C.’s starting lineup, including Buddy Biancalana starting at shortstop.

However, after the 1994 Major League Baseball strike, my interest in professional baseball began to wane. The Royals were hit hard as a result of that historical blemish, causing the team to spend years in the basement of divisional standings and collect multiple seasons of 100 or more losses. Countless years went by before I could even tell you one player on the Royals roster. I confess, my loyalties flailed.

I came back on board the Royals bandwagon during last year’s playoffs. They were so much fun to watch and enticed my interest, so much that I kept up with the team throughout this season. This year’s playoffs run equated last year’s dramatics, and then surpassed them with another come-from-behind victory in Game 5 to win the World Series.

The Baptist Messenger featured two Baptist Press articles on the Royals recently. In Sept., a story ran that gave insight to the Royals G.M. Dayton Moore’s decision to emphasize character as part of putting the team together. Last week, second basemen Ben Zobrist was highlighted as being a “missionary” to his teammates, as he is the son of an Illinois pastor.

  1. Taking from Trevin: Time Tells Truth on Women’s Suffrage Leaders

If you did not know, “Doyle’s Half Dozen” was influenced from the column series of one of my favorite bloggers Trevin Wax, his weekly feature “Trevin’s Seven.” This week he features a TIME magazine story about pioneers of women’s rights would not approve of today’s feminists’ view of abortion.

I’m just thrilled that TIME would have such a story, but I hope this would also add to the rise in the pro-life movement, helping women understand, as the article points out, that abortion “would burden both a woman’s ‘conscience in life and soul in death’ and also ultimately an exploitation of women.”

  1. Next week’s BGCO Annual Meeting

Starting next Monday, Nov. 9, I will be attending the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s Annual Meeting at Oklahoma City’s Southern Hills Baptist Church. I look forward to all of the sights, sessions and sermons, including the one by my pastor Hance Dilbeck who will give his address as this year’s BGCO president.

If you are going to be attending, please come meet me and let me know that you are a reader of WordSlingers. I’ll even give you a shout-out in next week’s DHD if you do!