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It’s been a rough couple of weeks, maybe not as some people would define rough, but rough in my book. The pain and struggles of family members immediate and extended and the tragedies abroad have left me mentally tired and emotionally spent, and although the leaves have turned and the temperature has chilled, it still doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving to me. There’s just too much going on.

I wish things were different. My heart literally aches to express gratitude to the Father with enthusiasm, but my brain won’t hush up long enough to let me focus on the task, much less muster up the appropriate emotion. Like a baby’s cry, it jangles my nerves at the most unexpected and inopportune moments, jerking my focus back to present circumstances, raising my heart rate, and killing my calm.


So, what am I going to do? Give up.

In my experience, counting blessings, no matter how long the list may be, does little to ease the ache of human existence when it’s intense, so I’m taking a different approach this year. Rather than focusing on what God has done for me, I’m going to focus on Who He is instead.

Here are just a few of His attributes:

  • God is infinite (1 Kings 8:27, Acts 17:28). He has no end.
  • God is eternal (Genesis 21:33, Psalm 90:2). He is not bound to or by time.
  • God is immutable (James 1:17). He does not change and is not changeable.
  • God is omnipresent (Psalm 139:7-12). He is everywhere (but not in everything).
  • God is sovereign (Ephesians 1). He is ruler over all.
  • God is omniscient (Matthew 11:21). He knows all things, both what is and what is possible.
  • God is omnipotent (Revelation 19:6). He is all-powerful.
  • God is just (Acts 17:31). He is fair and shows no favoritism.
  • God is love (Ephesians 2:4-5). He extends grace and mercy.
  • God is true (John 14:6). He is consistent with all that He represents.
  • God is holy (1 John 1:5). He is righteous.

The truth is, had He never done a single thing for me as an individual, God would still be worthy of my worship and praise.

But He did.

Long ago, God sent His Son Jesus to ransom my soul so that I could call Him Daddy, and because I belong to Him, the Truth of Who He is affects me. It doesn’t take away the hurt or soothe the sting of being human, but it changes the dynamics of what I go through. His glory defines my purpose and gives meaning to my experience. Even if nothing ever gets easier or better from my limited perspective, the very fact that God is Who He is comforts my heart, quiets my mind, and gives me hope. For this, I am always and truly thankful.