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Nothing is better than a car ride when your kids have been running amuck all day! You strap them in, turn on a movie, finally a little peace and quiet, at least for a few moments!

My favorite part, no one is touching me! In fact, no one is touching anyone else. Everyone is safe in their own seat. Zoning the fighting and screaming out is a bit easier to do since everyone is safe and buckled in. Come on you know you do it too!

Last week, on our way home from a long day, the kids were doing their usual contest of blaring their electronics to see who could be the loudest. So, as any good mom would do, I confiscated everything that made a noise, turned them all off, and we began a moment of silence!

Breaking the silence I said to them, “Did you know the Bible tells us to have moments of silence in our day?   It’s how God can talk to us.” I continued, since my kids were actually listening to me, “We have to learn to turn the volume off and take a moment to sit in silence so we can hear God’s voice.”

“When God talks to me He talks in a low voice, Mom. I can hear Him in my heart,” said my 8-year-old daughter in a sophisticated voice.

Not wanting to be out done, my 5-year-old son said, “Well, when God talks to me He has a low Low LOW voice.”

With an amused smile on my face, I replied, “That’s really interesting guys. I don’t normally hear God actually speak to me in a voice though; I just sense Him guiding my thoughts as I think about my day or the choices I need to make. But He won’t be able to speak if we don’t ever listen.”

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

How often do you let God speak to your heart? Is there a moment of your day that you spend in silence and allow God the opportunity to cut through the blaring volume of the world around you?

No matter “how” God speaks to you, my friend, you have to be willing to let Him in. Take time today to sit in silence, so He has the opportunity to whisper His message to your heart.

“I think we should play the quiet game so we can listen to God, Mom!” my son shouted with enthusiasm.

“I think that’s a great idea! 1, 2, 3…”

And just on cue, not wanting to miss a captive audience, my 2-year-old starts screaming and throwing a fit!

Oh well, the moment with God will have to wait.

At least she’s strapped in!!