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It was a busy and memorable week this week. I know many in society are talking about the death of Prince, as I believe I have heard more of his music in the last 24 hours than I have in the last five years. I don’t say that to be apathetic. I know the talented musician meant a lot to many people. I pray for his family during this time of grief.

Here are six topics that are reflective of this last week in a new edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen

  1. Lankford’s summary April 19 OKC Bombing is excellent

Earlier this week, James Lankford, my favorite statesman, gave an excellent address on the U.S. Senate floor. The eight-minute speech is a response to another senator using the Oklahoma City bombing in a disrespectful political fashion, but in the midst of his rebuke, Lankford gave one of the best summaries of what happened on April 19, 1995. If you have not already watched his speech, I think it would be worth your time.

  1. Pat Boone rebukes SNL

Long time entertainer Pat Boone has been on recent talk shows rebuking a recent skit that was shown on Saturday Night Live last week. The skit was a satire on the Christian-themed movie God’s Not Dead 2. If you are not familiar with the SNL skit or Boone’s criticism, you will have to find more information on your own because, honestly, the skit offended me so much that I want to offer as little detail as possible.

I agree with Boone that if SNL were to do a similar skit mocking Muslims, the participants in the skit would be in witness protection. As Boone said, the movie has a simple message of presenting the reality of God and has no specific commentary on social issues, yet SNL used the Christian movie, that is still in theaters, to mock conservative views.

My interest in Saturday Night Live has diminished in recent years. I don’t believe I have paid regular attention to the show in the last 10, maybe 15 years. I know SNL has had many offensive segments in the past, but for me, the show reached its lowest mark and turned me off completely.

  1. Movie critic who won’t go see movies

I have mentioned Phil Boatwright in the past. The Christian movie critic recently wrote a piece “Why I stopped going to movies.”

Adding to my previous beef about SNL and the entertainment industry, I understand Boatwright’s conclusion. “They have taken baby steps, furthering us from class, social decorum and reverence for the Almighty.”

I can’t argue with his conclusions.

  1. Public bathroom battle

This topic has been the heaviest on my mind lately. There is just so much confusion, frustration and disappointment happening since the outcry of the public bathroom ordinance in North Carolina and similar laws in other states. Here’s a hodgepodge list of my thoughts:

  • How come nobody was upset about public restroom designations two years ago?
  • I still haven’t heard anybody who is against these state rulings tell me their solution to voyeurism.
  • If you are against the bathroom laws, how would you feel if someone of the opposite sex was sharing a public bathroom with your wife, daughter, sister or mother?
  • If your wife, daughter, sister or mother felt uncomfortable with a natural male going to the bathroom in their presence, do you consider them a bigot?
  • Why is the rights of one individual (specifically a 15-year-old natural girl in Virginia who “identifies” as male) protected over the rights of her male peers and their parents, when a court ruled against a school to allow her to use the restroom of her choice?
  • Eventually, I think public restrooms will go through a major renovation, allowing some kind of design where bathroom stalls have walls going from the floor to the ceiling. And there will be more one-person bathrooms in restaurants and other public settings.
  • I encourage fellow Christians to be careful how to communicate such concerns. These concerns should not affect our intention to demonstrate love and compassion to those who struggle with gender issues. I recommend reading Russell Moore’s article “What Should The Church Say to Bruce Jenner?
  1. Thunder stuff

I’m happy for Scott Brooks, former Oklahoma City Thunder head coach, being named the Washington Wizards head coach. No, I don’t think this will sway Kevin Durant.

I’m glad nothing escalated from what happened in the opening of the Game 2 matchup in the OKC-Dallas series. I’m referring to the Russell Westbrook-Cameron Payne pre-game ritual where Charlie Villanueva interferes. Game 3 pregame was uneventful, and I commend NBA referee Mike Callahan, who was the crew chief, for making sure there were not any conflicts. I saw a video on ESPN showing Callahan preventing Mavericks players from crossing center court near the scorer’s table. I tried to find the video online but have not been successful. Literally having a front row view of this in games one and two, I was surprised Dallas players were allowed to stretch their pregame “line” of bench players that far. Callahan is an excellent official, and he nipped that in the bud during game 3.

  1. Award-winning DHD

On Friday, April 15, at the Baptist Communicators Association’s awards banquet, yours truly received a Second Place Award in the series blog category. First, I offer thanks to Tiffany Zylstra, who is in charge of entering items representing the Communications Group of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma into the BCA awards competition. Tiffany pestered me enough to make sure DHD was entered, and I am appreciative of her. Secondly, I want to thank Brian Hobbs for his encouragement to me to begin Doyle’s Half Dozen more than a year ago. Thirdly, I thank you, faithful readers to DHD. Many of you have shared your kind thoughts about DHD. You inspire me weekly!