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I hope you survived the week. For some in Oklahoma, that can mean a lot, especially with more weather threats projected this weekend.

But no talk of weather in this week’s edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen. Here we go!

  1. True love (grace+truth) to the transgender

I read a blog by Anna McCarthy titled, “When he became a she – walking in love.” It’s about McCarthy encountering a friend from her past who is now identified as a woman.

This is an excellent case study on how a Christian should connect with people. She recognized her friend feeling uncomfortable and gave a wonderful exclamation, “Hey! I know you! It’s good to see you!” I couldn’t think of a better greeting or a better way to engage her friend.

I also liked what she said about Jesus not being afraid of sin. In fact she gives a great description of how to love like Jesus. It’s a good, thought-provoking piece, and I won’t say McCarthy is wrong in what she wrote.

What I would offer to you is have the intentions to share both grace and truth when connecting with people. Some of us need to work on sharing grace; others of us (if not all of us) can improve on sharing truth. Is there an exact script or an expected response? No, but if we truly want to demonstrate the love of Christ, we should allow for both grace and truth (John 1:17) to work because Jesus always shared both. And those who followed Christ were never the same after they met Him (2 Cor. 5:17).

Last week I shared a link to Russell Moore’s article “What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?” I think he gives excellent guidance and also recognizes how what the culture offers will not relieve the suffering that transgender people experience.

Also, for those who readily offer general criticism to the church, allow yourself some objectivity when expressing reproach. Not all Christians demonstrate a hateful manner toward transgender persons. During the 2014 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, a resolution was passed by attending messengers titled “On Transgender Identity.” Here’s a portion of the resolution:

“RESOLVED, That we extend love and compassion to those whose sexual self-understanding is shaped by a distressing conflict between their biological sex and their gender identity; and be it further

“RESOLVED, That we invite all transgender persons to trust in Christ and to experience renewal in the Gospel (1 Timothy 1:15–16); and be it further

“RESOLVED, That we love our transgender neighbors, seek their good always, welcome them to our churches and, as they repent and believe in Christ, receive them into church membership (2 Corinthians 5:18-20; Galatians 5:14)…”

  1. What to do about Target

We all know about what has happened at Target stores and the retail company’s bathroom policy. Here’s what I would say about it.

If you want to boycott, boycott. If you think you can have a Christian witness by going to Target, go ye therefore.

Sometimes boycotting can be effective. Sometimes it has no effect or can even backfire. But what I would suggest is change the focus. Support businesses you know operate by Christian principles. There are major chains like Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby. There also are local entities run by Christians who would welcome your business.

Let’s find ways to show the culture what we do support and help businesses that exemplify good business ethics and intend to win the respect of outsiders (I Thess. 4:12).

  1. Grieving for Falls Creek and families

The Baptist Messenger reported this week about the deaths of two employees who experienced a fatal accident on Friday, April 22. The cause of their deaths is under investigation, and it has been stated any previous news reports are speculative at this time.

I do pray for the families as they grieve and for those who worked closely with these men. Falls Creek is a close-knit community of staff members, and a tragic loss like this will be heavy on many people.

May God provide a comfort that only can come from Him.

  1. Who is Amanda Green?

I am fascinated with the front office administration of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Yes, I do work the Thunder home games, but my interaction with any front office personnel is rather limited. I barely know who most of them are.

I should clarify that saying the Thunder front office fascinates me, I first and foremost mean Sam Presti, Thunder general manager. Next to Russell and KD, Sam Presti would be my favorite Thunder personality. By the way, it’s hard not to say his first name without his last. They flow together.

But this DHD topic isn’t directly about Sam Presti. Rather, it’s about Amanda Green, who serves as the basketball operations coordinator for the Thunder. I remember reading about her a year ago, but this week, a New York Times article featured her titled, “Keeping the Thunder on Their Game.”

The article is a great read and presents Green well. But I also enjoyed reading it because it shares insight from Sam Presti. I liked the quote he said, “I hire people, not positions.” And I’m impressed that he keeps lists of people he would be interested in hiring.

I have shared with friends that I love the movie Moneyball because it gives a great perspective of upper management in professional sports. Though it’s a baseball movie, I often think about Sam Presti in similar fashion to Billy Beane, who is played by Brad Pitt. Now, after reading this Times article, I think Amanda Green is Peter Brand, played by Jonah Hill.

  1. Thunder stuff

I’m excited about the Thunder’s second round playoff series with the Spurs and hope it can live up to its billing. Both teams feature healthy rosters, which is a premium for NBA teams this season and in the playoffs.

I don’t have the confidence to say OKC will win the series, but I want to believe this could be a great matchup with many close games. We shall see starting Saturday night.

  1. Men’s Rewired

The Men’s Rewired retreat is this weekend at Falls Creek. If you are going to be down there, please let me know. I will be getting there late, though, because I have the privilege of picking up Tony Evans at the airport Friday night and driving him to Falls Creek.

If you’re not familiar with Tony Evans, read about this powerful speaker here.

My wife is impressed. In fact, one night this week in the wee hours, out of the blue in her sleep, Karen made the statement, “I can’t believe you’re picking up Tony Evans at the airport.”

Should be a fun weekend!