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Our teens are in desperate need of prayer. What a crazy world they live in. Conflicting messages, over exposure and temptations abound.

What’s the best way to help them navigate through these turbulent years? Prayer. More specifically, prayer by you, their parents. Here is help.

Prayers for my teen coverMark Gregston has hit the nail on the head with yet another valuable resource for parents of teens. Published in 2015 by Heartlight Ministries Foundation, Prayers For My Teen is a short, easy-to-read resource for parents seeking to raise their teens in an out-of-control confusing culture. Gleaning from decades of ministry to teens and parents, Gregston masterfully takes the thoughts and emotions of parents and weaves them into words and prayers.

Gregston, who has Oklahoma roots, enjoys referring to himself as the Oklahoma Bible Quiz Champ of 1969. But more importantly, Gregston has become an authority on today’s culture and the issues facing adolescents. As founder of Heartlight Ministries, he and his wife have served families and counseled youth for more than 40 years. Gregston runs one of the finest residential counseling services for struggling teens and has a gift for communication. He has written 12 books and ministers weekly on the nationally acclaimed radio program, “Parenting Today’s Teens.”

Prayers For My Teen offers one-page prayers based on various topics related to parenting and teen issues. A Scripture verse is offered at the beginning for reflection, followed by a short personalized prayer. Topics include the tongue, boundaries, smothering, understanding behavior, offering encouragement and forgiveness.

He writes, “Prayer brings hope to my hopelessness and calms my anxiety when I need a reminder that I am not alone. Prayer reassures me that my confusion does not deter His plan. It calls me to look for the bigger picture, to embrace a larger view of what’s happening, and to search for deeper meaning in the struggles and for purpose in the pleasures.”

The book is valuable to any parent, but those struggling within the framework of crisis will benefit most. Easy-to-skim topics are listed in the contents, making the book a handy resource to grab in times of need. Gregston’s wisdom and compassion show through the prayers and put words to the hearts of parents who cannot grasp their own.

Don’t let a crisis or lack of a plan immobilize your prayer-life for your teen. If your prayer life needs structure, if you are desperate for God’s intervention, or if you need help expressing yourself, Prayers For My Teen is the book for you.