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Greetings! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope this weekend, and especially Memorial Day, will be a blessed time for you. My last topic reflects on what is the purpose of this holiday.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Respectfully disagree with Ann Graham Lotz

Ann Graham Lotz, the daughter of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, shared in an interview why she will be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. View the interview here.

She references Daniel and his experience of captivity in Babylon, as the prophet served in government authority. Her explanation, however, is rather confusing.

“Daniel was a man who lived under four world emperors,” said Lotz, “none of whom were children of Abraham, none of whom were members of God’s family — but God used all of them… all four ended up giving praise to the God of Daniel because of what they saw in Daniel’s life. The first one was Nebuchadnezzar, and God actually refers to Nebuchadnezzar as ‘my servant’ in the Old Testament.”

Lotz also gave a justifiable explanation of voting for Trump saying “everybody is redeemable” and said Christians are not to change the world through a political system but through presenting the Gospel.

First, in regards to Daniel, he was somebody who stood against ungodly leaders. He refused to eat the food offered by Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 1:8), and God raised Daniel up to influence the King not the other way around (Daniel 1:17-20). Daniel was admired because he stood by his convictions and obeyed God.

Applying this to today’s circumstances, I believe the proper way to use Daniel’s example in the presidential election would be to demonstrate obedience to God and vote for righteousness not for a candidate who openly stands against biblical teachings. And like Daniel, God would bless such a voter.

Second, Lotz is correct that the Gospel is what will change the world and not a political system. But her application is wrong. This would be the very reason NOT to vote for Trump. The Gospel goes against the norm and what may seem popular to do. If Lotz believes the Gospel is more powerful than a political system, and I believe she does, then don’t vote for a candidate who speaks contrary to the Gospel message. Speak up for a voting decision that promotes the Gospel by voting for a third party candidate who will especially speak up for the sanctity of life and does not demonstrate a lifestyle contrary to what the Bible teaches.

Lotz is correct that we need to pray for our leaders, and I’m glad she said she is already praying for the candidates. Praying for them is the proper thing for Christians to do, but voting for the ones representing the two major parties is not.

  1. One more shout out to Chewbacca Mom

As you are reading this, Candice Payne’s 15 minutes of fame has probably run out. At the time of my writing on Friday morning, May 27, it was just a week ago her social media frenzy ignited. I remember seeing for the first time that morning the video of her putting on the Chewbacca mask, laughing hysterically and virally causing such an uproar of good cheer, as well as Kohl’s selling out its supply of Chewbacca masks across the country.

In less than 48 hours of her shooting the video and posting it online, she was making appearances on national talk shows, speaking at a fine arts conference, getting all kinds of gifts and meeting famous people.

I’m glad she has been warmly received, and knowing she is a Christian, I pray God may use her unexpected bizarre experience to make Him and His Gospel message known.

Check out Kelly King’s blog about Chewbacca Mom here.

  1. Mr. Smith offers proper view of modern America

Ryan Smith’s blog “It’s the End of The World as We Know It” may initially appear to be about eschatology. This wouldn’t be a direct study of end times, though. It’s more of how a Christian should consider why America is in a failed condition morally.

Check it out. I think you will find his piece enlightening.

  1. Challies shares a series of his religious beliefs

Tim Challies is one of the most popular Christian bloggers. Last week he started a series titled “Why I Am Not…” and opened with why he is not an atheist. This week, he explains why he is not Roman Catholic. You can check on this week’s blog here.

Challies explains fairly his disagreements with the Catholic church, and I found it helpful and confirming. I too believe there can be Catholics who are true believers in spite of the teachings of Catholicism.

I look forward to Challies’ explanation of other views, especially liberalism.

  1. Thunder report

The Oklahoma City Thunder hosts the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals series this Saturday, May 28.

The Warriors collected their second win of the series Thursday night, but they did not have such a dominating victory. There was even a chance OKC could have pulled within three points with :33 seconds left in the game. But Golden State did close the gap on the Thunder’s three wins in the series, which makes Saturday’s game VERY interesting.

The Thunder still looks like the team in control of the conference finals, but OKC needs to get the win Saturday night and finish off the series. I shared last week about two key factors were winning the opening tip and the play of the 2-guard position between Andre Roberson and Dion Waiters. Both players did not perform well last night, but I expect them both to return to replicating their impressive performances from Games 3 and 4.

Thunder Up!

  1. Observe Memorial Day

Please take time this Monday to observe Memorial Day. Check out the site for the history of this holiday as well as suggested observances. The site also provides resources of prayers and poems reflecting Memorial Day. Here’s a segment from a poem on the site titled “Remembering Their All” by Colleen Reddaway Cook:

Memorial Day, a time to pay tribute for the ultimate sacrifice.

Celebrate with your picnics, beach outings and reunions,

But teach your children about the sacrifices made,

Pride in the United States and the courage of the past.

Men and women, no matter how large or small the part,

Left their all behind, footprints of war imprinted in the annals of time. Let us give them bitter-sweet honor of a hero-respect

…and a heartrending thanks.