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Hope you enjoyed the hot, balmy week. Of course, summer officially started this week, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

I cover the gamut this week on DHD topics. Let’s get to it!

  1. Good-bye Ibaka

The NBA Draft happened Thursday night, and I was expecting a rather low-key experience for the Oklahoma City Thunder, especially since they started the night with no draft picks and a presumed capable roster for next season, concluding Kevin Durant will return, that should once again make the team an NBA title contender.

However, the Thunder’s draft night experience was far from low-key. In fact, OKC may have had the most electrifying outcome compared to the rest of the league. On the other hand, it wasn’t without a loss. I am both sad and excited at the same time.

The Thunder traded Serge Ibaka to Orlando for three players. As all Thunder fans know, after KD and Russell Westbrook, Serge could be considered the most popular Thunder player (although Nick Collison is a longtime favorite too). Losing Serge won’t be an easy transition, though I think James Harden’s departure was harder to grasp when it happened.

The power forward from Congo made it fun for Thunder fans, with his “thumbs down” sign after a block and nonchalant attitude both on and off the court. He made great strides since he arrived in OKC, and his presence will be missed.

As difficult as it may be to process Ibaka no longer playing with the Thunder, this was a spectacular move by Thunder G.M. Sam Presti. The man never ceases to amaze me. His forward-thinking approach of handling players near the end of their contracts continues to make him a G.M. genius, and for him to pick up three players, especially a highly athletic guard in Victor Oladipo and a promising post player in Domantas Sabonis, this is an outstanding transaction that benefits both immediate and long-term needs.

  1. Bravo for Buddy

I’m also thrilled for Buddy Hield being the sixth overall pick in the draft. The former OU Sooner was given high regard and was claimed to be the best shooter in this year’s draft. The New Orleans Hornets picked up a great player who should fit well in the Crescent City, playing alongside Anthony Davis.

  1. Briefly on Brexit

I’m a late-game onlooker on the major election in England, but from what I can tell, this is a major statement to the rest of Europe and beyond. Leaving the European Union is a bold move, but I think this will help strengthen the U.K. going forward. Again, I have limited knowledge, but England appeared to be carrying a lot of dead weight of the rest of the countries. I also think this will benefit England from a security standpoint after seeing what has happened in France and Germany, as far as immigration concerns especially terrorist attacks. Could it be a struggle initially? Yes, but it can be a sign of growing pains and could help both England and other European countries to be more fiscally responsible and overcome an entitlement philosophy. I welcome other thoughts though.

  1. H.B. at FC

H.B. Charles spoke at Falls Creek this week and did a phenomenal job. I tuned in to the Live Stream for two of the evening services. I recommend you do the same sometime. The services at Falls Creek are amazing. Back to H.B., if you have not heard him speak, he is one of the best preachers of modern day. At the Wednesday evening service at Falls Creek, he preached on Eph. 2:4-7, and I have never heard a more powerful sermon on that passage. Through this passage, H.B. shared the Gospel in such a way that I believe everybody would understand and would want to accept the wonderful gift of salvation that comes through hearing the Gospel. By the way, that has happened through watching the Live Stream at Falls Creek. A mother whose child was attending Falls Creek for a week tuned in and made a profession of faith after watching the service.

  1. Trump’s Evangelical Advisors

This week, Donald Trump met with a bunch of pastors and Evangelical Christian leaders who have become members of his advisory board. Many of these leaders I do respect. However, I don’t know if this was a wise move on their part. I get the impression that Trump will just use this as a façade to win over Evangelicals more than adhere to their council. I wrote a DHD in May addressing concerns I have for Evangelical Christians to consider when deciding whether or not they should vote for Donald Trump. You can read the blog here.

To sum up, I don’t believe Trump is pro-life because he still shows support for Planned Parenthood. It is obvious he doesn’t follow Biblical instructions for his own life, and though I know we are not voting for a pastor, I desire for a president who would adhere to the guidance of a pastor.

  1. Book recommendation

Much news has been made about the Southern Baptist’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission demonstrating support of Religious Liberty for non-Christians, specifically for American Muslims.

I think what would enhance a Christian’s desire to see Muslims convert to Christianity would be reading the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. This book is a powerful story of a devout Muslim becoming a born-again disciple of Jesus Christ. I would say his conversion would be to the amazing level of the Apostle Paul’s conversion.

I also relate well to this book because one person who helped the author become a Christian is Dr. Gary Habermas, who was my philosophy professor at Liberty University. It’s a great read about an amazing work of the Gospel.

How this book relates to the concerns of religious rights for Muslims, I believe it would help soften objectors to Russell Moore and the ERLC’s position and increase their desire to support the power of the Gospel instead of the power of government oversight when it comes to American Muslims and their religious rights.