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A heavy week got heavier within the last 24 hours. Of course, little can compare to what happened in Dallas Thursday night which came the same week as two tragic deaths in Minn. and La., involving police action.

I’ll start off with the most somber topic in this week’s Doyle’s Half Dozen.

  1. “Irrational Hatred”

This is the phrase I heard the morning after a major shooting in Dallas at a rally, involving an ambush attack on police in Dallas. I won’t focus on the details because, really, in the grand scheme of things, people have died because there is a major disunity in our country.

Please know, though, I do pray for comfort for family members of victims, and I have no intention of overlooking their grief.

All I would ask from respective community leaders is make legitimate attempts to reconcile. I’ve said before that “reconciliation” is one of my favorite words, and when I see people reconciling or I personally am involved in reconciliation with someone I have wronged or who has wronged me, it brings a peace that is incomparable.

If there are no attempts to reconcile, then expect more “irrational hatred” to continue.

  1. Two Things To Help in Reconciliation

I read Russell Moore’s piece on what pastors can share on Sunday in response to the shootings. Even if you are not a pastor, I think you can benefit from Moore’s suggestions.

Also, as I was driving the morning after the Dallas incident, the song “In The Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson came on my radio. I think I have heard this song a little more than a handful of times, but boy this song is what I needed to hear. As I stopped at a traffic light (with foot firmly on the break), I took time to worship, clap and sing this song. I hope you have a similar response when you hear it.

  1. Closure with KD

The week started with the announcement of Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to play for the Golden State Warriors. I do not compare the disappointment I felt after this announcement to the grief and severity of the Dallas shooting and other related situations. My sadness over KD seems rather foolish in comparison.

With that in mind, I know many in Oklahoma City and beyond felt betrayed and bamboozled because, taking in consideration of the many reports from reliable sources and with how Durant expressed his Thunder allegiances in the past, confidence level was pretty high that the former NBA MVP and the lynchpin of the Thunder organization would remain loyal to Loud City.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I won’t give credence to anybody who expressed their disappointment in a disgraceful manner. Instead, I will refer to something I wrote two years ago, “Kevin Durant and God’s Will.

I offered this conclusion, “All of this to say, Thunder fans, enjoy the next two years of Kevin Durant playing for OKC, Lord willing. And, Lord willing, maybe he will sign another contract with the Thunder in 2016.”

Now we know. He didn’t sign another Thunder contract, but Thunder fans did get to enjoy eight seasons and watch KD become an all-star and one of the best basketball players in the world. Don’t be upset it’s over; be happy that it happened.

This will pass, Thunder fans. A new day will come.

  1. Reliance on Russell?

Now, Thunder fans will have to see what Sam Presti and his front office team will do to regroup. Most of the focus will be upon OKC’s other all-star player. Will Presti trade Russell Westbrook or play out the upcoming season with Russ driving the bus? The risk on doing the latter is Westbrook faces the same decision next summer that Durant experienced this summer.

I have no insight on what will happen, but it seems as though Silent Sam will keep Russ on the roster when the season begins. I know many think the Thunder should trade Westbrook immediately, but that would be rather impulsive and unlike how Presti prefers to operate.

As I have mentioned many times, I trust Sam. He is a remarkable general manager. I don’t believe he will treat Westbrook the same way he treated Durant. It may be likely he will trade Russ before the February deadline, but start the season and see how it plays out. If it won’t work with Russell, see what could be offered.

On the other hand, maybe the Thunder make an impressive run. Even without KD, many believe the Thunder is a bona fide playoff team. Many of the players showed much promise in the playoffs, especially regular starters Steven Adams and Andre Roberson.

And this scenario may appeal more to Russell. Unlike Durant who apparently doesn’t want to be the team’s alpha dog, Russ could love the role. He likes the persona of being a self-made man. Russ doesn’t rely on an entourage to make major decisions. Many have criticized him in the past for different reasons (drafted too high, not a real point guard, not an all-star), and Russ loves having these chips on his shoulder. Nothing may please him more than being top dog on a team with lower expectations and then showing up his critics.

Once the grieving period over KD ends, Thunder fans may find Russ driving the bus more appealing.

  1. Flawed Voting Theory

Switching to politics, people are really mad at Hillary Clinton. Now that the FBI and Attorney General gave her a dismissal from her email mishandlings, many are jumping on the Trump train.

I found a great piece on The Resurgent website that I recommend. Check out “The Proper Response When All Outcomes Lead to Ruin” by Steve Berman.

The writer makes a great analogy involving the Israelites when they were faced by the pressure of being trapped by the Red Sea with Pharaoh and the Egyptian army approaching. There’s many great statements to quote from this article, including:

“We’ve put too much faith in our own leaders and not nearly enough in God for far too long.”

Also, many are concluding they must vote for Donald Trump because voting third party or leaving it blank, as I have suggested, is a vote for Hillary.

I addressed this flawed voting theory before in my May 13 DHD, but let me reiterate. I live in Oklahoma, one of the most conservative states in the country. I’m very confident all of my state’s delegates will go toward Trump’s election count. Currently, the national polls favor Clinton in the overall election. So if my state votes for Trump, even though I vote third party or leave it blank, yet the overall nation elects Hillary, how did I vote for Hillary?

I am for voting for righteousness out of obedience to God, knowing He is the one who directs the paths of leaders (Prov. 21:1).

  1. Getting Rowdy About Gowdy

I’m going to conclude with showing one of my favorite political figures. Rep. Trey Gowdy is a masterful interrogator, and I can watch video after video of him asking questions in congressional hearings. It’s some of my favorite form of entertainment.

Here’s Gowdy this week interrogating FBI Director James Comey: