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I’ve got six new topics to share with you. Let’s get to it!

  1. A dangerous ‘pro-life’ blog

A friend on Facebook shared a blog that I found to be very dangerous, especially for those who are struggling with this year’s presidential election and value the sanctity of life. I’ve been repetitive on how I stand, and I remain in the “Leave It Blank” crowd (if you call it a crowd). I WILL vote on November 8, prayerfully considering all offices, questions, etc. on the ballot. For the presidential race, I will intentionally leave that blank and have my vote be counted as an under vote.

If, before Nov. 8, a presidential candidate convinces me they truly stand for issues involving the sanctity of life, I will reconsider.

I know there are many who have difficulties voting for Trump, and I can understand. But speaking to this group, I would like to bring attention to a blog written by Shannon Dingle titled “I’m pro-life. And I’m voting for Hillary. Here’s why.

I’ve never heard of Shannon Dingle. She mentions in this blog she has spoken at the Evangelicals for Life conference. I noticed on her website she’s been a speaker in the past at LifeWay events and has affiliated with other quality faith-based organizations.

After reading this blog and the dangerous perspective she portrays, I would consider her a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Anybody who will defend Planned Parenthood and present the world’s largest abortion provider as benefitting women’s health is very deceived and is spewing such deception to others.

Dingle writes, “…I need for those speaking about ending Planned Parenthood to also be pushing for equally accessible health care options for the women, like many of my friends, who use or have used Planned Parenthood to meet non-abortive needs. If we’re not talking about those alternatives, then I don’t see how we can call ourselves pro-life or pro-woman; we’re simply anti-abortion.”

First of all, she says anti-abortion as if that’s a bad thing. Anybody who truly values sanctity of life and understands Who is the Author and Creator of life would have no difficulty considering themselves against the evil practice of discontinuing what God makes possible.

Secondly, you better believe I support health clinics that don’t practice abortions, and the number of such clinics well surpass the number of Planned Parenthood clinics. They also provide more care than PP does. And those clinics are not receiving the amount of federal funding PP does

She mentions nothing of women who are post-abortive. I can admire her heart for those with disabilities, but she doesn’t appear to be as compassionate for women who have had abortions and are dealing with the ramifications. In my time volunteering at Hope Pregnancy Center, I have seen hundreds of women come for post-abortive counseling, and Dingle seems to be okay with women going down such a horrible path.

I can say more, and I may do a follow-up because there are many other flaws in this blog that need to be addressed. But I want you to be aware that those who say they are pro-life while sharing ways to condone the practice of abortion instead of being determined to making abortion unthinkable need to be justly scrutinize.

  1. Olympic stuff

I am fully focused on the Olympic Games this week. I have enjoyed all of it. The different sports have had many exciting moments, and I plan to continue watching after I’m done with this DHD.

David Prince wrote a great piece on how to watch the Olympics for the Glory of Christ. I enjoyed all of his valuable points, but I thought his last point of seeing the nations represented in the mindset of the Gospel was powerful.

“As you enjoy the games, pray for the gospel to spread among all the nations represented.”

  1. More Olympic stuff

I also like stuff affiliated with the Olympics. Someone I admire is Bill Hancock, who is a legend in the world of college sports information and is a leader among college football playoffs and formerly with the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Mr. Hancock has been a volunteer at many Olympics Games and is currently working in Rio. He gives a daily blog of his experience, and The Oklahoman’s Barry Tramel shares them. You can read Friday’s blog edition here.

  1. More Olympic stuff with video

I also liked the tradition started by the U.S. Swim Team of making funny videos prior to the Olympics. This year, the swimmers did a rendition of carpool karaoke. I’ve watched this multiple times, and one reason why I keep watching it is to learn who the swimmers are as they are competing. For example, last night (Thursday) I learned who Simone Manuel is as she won her gold medal in exciting fashion. I remember her being in the video, along with many others.

Baptist Press featured a story on her and how she gives “All glory to God” for winning the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle. Read the story here.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, enjoy!

  1. Even more Olympic stuff

Another swimmer I recognized from the video is Caeleb Dressel who was a member of the 4x100M freestyle relay team that won gold earlier this week. Baptist Press also featured a story on him along with other Christian Olympians. You can read a comprised story here that is on

There are other Olympic stories too on the website.

  1. Thunder stuff

I will end this week’s DHD talking about the Oklahoma City Thunder. The team’s schedule was released on Thursday, and everybody is curious about when the Golden State Warriors will be appearing at the Peake.

Feb. 11 is when the Warriors will be in town, along with its new roster addition Kevin Durant. I have to be honest, I’m not too excited about certain aspects of that game. I predict much bitterness will be expressed due to Durant’s decision to leave the Thunder.

However, the game will be nationally spotlighted, and though I’m not excited about the attention surrounding the game, it is one of great curiosity.

Barry Tramel wrote a thought-provoking piece, “There’s Only One Way To Treat Kevin Durant Upon His Return to OKC.” I agree with his conclusions. I believe Thunder fans should show appreciation to KD for what he did the eight years he represented OKC and being a major factor in the Thunder’s immediate success. Once Durant’s name is announced initially, applaud him. After that, root hard against him.

If that were to happen, applauding Durant during the lineup announcement, it would send a shocking message across the globe and would make many talking heads take pause and possibly offer flowing praise.

However, I’m not holding my breath, which is why my excitement is contained.