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Moments of pressure for doing what’s right

Moments of pressure for doing what’s right

Sometimes it’s hard to stand up for what you really believe in.  The pressure that so many of us are under is really taxing sometimes. Have you ever had a moment where you knew what you needed to do in a certain circumstance, but you just did not want to experience the awkwardness of rocking the boat?

I have had several of those moments. For example, a group of guys at the office were talking about women inappropriately. Instead of me standing up for the right thing and either walking away or saying something to stop the conversation, I just laughed and quietly approved of the conversation by my silence.

I think we all have had those moments

Recently I read Daniel 1:3-8. Talk about pressure! The KING was offering something to Daniel, and it was pretty awesome.  Amazing food and incredible wine.  Think of it. The President of the United States offers you as part of your salary, an amazing daily food.  You never had to pay for your food…it was just GIVEN to you. The government paid for all of your meals. Sweet deal, right?? Well, there is a catch. All the money that the government used pay for food helped fund Planned Parenthood.  Could you stand up for what’s right?  Could you refuse the food and go buy your own stuff?

That’s what Daniel did.  He could have had the choice of the finest foods but refused them, because they were offered to idols and he would have condemned his conscious and defiled himself.  SO he refused.  He stood up for what he knew was right!  He chose God over comfort.

As we walk through our day, we need to look at our lives with these lenses on.  We need to be willing to stand up for our convictions, even when it’s not easy.  You will ultimately have God’s blessing in your life, even when it feels and seems like things are going south.

Jesus is more than enough.

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