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September is here, and so is football season, with fall soon to follow. I’m all for a change in the seasons. But just remember, all those recent times you wished for cooler weather, just know soon enough you’ll be craving warmer conditions.

Here’s six new timely topics in this week’s edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen.

  1. Constant Kaepernick clamor causes cringing

I do not want to blog about Colin Kaepernick. I repeat. I DO NOT want to blog about Colin Kaepernick.

The reason I don’t want to address the 49er quarterback and his refusal to honor the American flag and the national anthem is because of what I am actually doing right now. I’m contributing to the clamor.

I want this spectacle to stop, this rather un-newsworthy mess involving a quarterback who, at this moment, is still not guaranteed a spot on San Fran’s roster this season.

However, this mess is not going away. In fact, it appears to be growing, as two other NFL players have joined Kaepernick, including a teammate.

And Kaepernick has announced that more is going to be involved in his revolt. He’s donating $1 million to relevant causes. He’s also meeting with other former athletes who have been involved in civil demonstrations. And it’s been reported he is meeting with military members and would be willing to meet with police officials.

If you disagree with Kaepernick’s actions, here is what I suggest. Don’t get upset. Maintain the passion and appreciation you have for our country, the respect you have for the military and the gratitude for the police force. The next time you are at an event where the national anthem is played and the American flag is presented, stand at attention and demonstrate honor.

Be willing to listen and discuss with others who may not view Kaepernick’s demonstration as you do. The more anger and hostile emotions are demonstrated the less progress and resolve can be obtained.

The more attention Kaepernick is given, the more he and his revolt continues to be relevant. Let’s see if this topic remains hot next week.

  1. Pleasing Planned Parenthood

While everybody is stirring about over the San Francisco QB, a much bigger mess is hatching in Sacramento. California senators passed a bill this week that threatens criminal charges against anyone attempting to reveal the hideous unethical immoral practices of Planned Parenthood.

The bill says anybody filming undercover footage taken of “health care providers” including abortion clinics would be against the law, facing penalties of stiff fines and jail time. This comes as a result of the series of videos released last year by the Center for Medical Progress, exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling aborted baby parts.

What is interesting is who is speaking against this bill. American Civil Liberties Union and the liberal Los Angeles Times is joining Sanctity of Life supporters and have condemned this legislature on the basis of First Amendment rights and freedom of the press.

Planned Parenthood was weakened last year, and I still believe the possibility exists to one day remove federal funding offered to the world’s largest abortion provider. The more PP supporters, such as these Calif. lawmakers, attempt to defend the abortion provider, the more their actions and PP itself are under fire.

  1. Responding to the Sexual Revolution

Check out Dr. Albert Mohler’s article he wrote in response to David Gushee, a Christian professor who now supports LGBT causes and believes the Church should follow his lead.

It’s a magnificent read, and if you are not fully aware of the influence of the Sexual Revolution has on society, Mohler can help you understand its grave impact.

“The demand of the LGBT revolution is not merely toleration or even legalization, but required celebration. Middle ground disappears in the irreconcilable nature of the conflict.”

In other words, the position in society is coming quickly that you are expected to be in full support of homosexuality and other sexual identities. You will be condemned if you represent anything that would be against LGBT philosophies. Photographers, bakers and florist have already been attacked by not supporting same-sex weddings. This week, a “shame list” was released that featured 102 colleges and universities to be considered “the worst colleges for LGBT youth.”

More than two years ago, I wrote about how society has gone from acceptance to approval when it comes to the expectation of how to deal with homosexuality. Now it’s all the sexual alternatives, surmised with the “LGBT” depiction.

Less than two years ago, I wrote about what I learned from a conference that dealt with how the church should respond to the LGBT community. A lot of these principles remain applicable, especially Russell Moore’s quote, “We have to be reminded we are not minsters of condemnation. We are ambassadors of reconciliation.”

  1. Trevin’s tale of two presidents

I enjoyed reading Trevin Wax’s piece comparing the reported immoralities of two U.S. presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding. Wilson is remembered for his policies that promoted racism and appeared to have caused hindrances to productivity since the Civil War. Harding had a reputation of being an adulterer.

Check out Wax’s article and his points that he makes about how today’s society views the evils of both of these presidents.

  1. Pray for flood and hurricane victims and DR volunteers

The Baton Rouge, La. area continues to be challenged after major flood results. I have a few friends who are serving as Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers down there. I give a shout out to Brad Biddy and Jim Myers as well as others from my church who are helping flood victims recover.

Brad reported this week they are expecting around 400 college students this weekend to help with clean-up efforts. I’m sure that will be greatly welcomed because I also received a report that a new group of Oklahoma DR volunteers left this morning for Baton Rouge in order to replace Florida DR volunteers who went back to their state to handle a hurricane response.

Be sure to lift up those who are facing recent and current storms and those who are able to provide relief.

  1. Hooray for Hannah!

I end this week’s DHD tooting a horn for Hannah, my friend and co-worker. She wrote a powerful piece this week, commending her parents for what they did “wrong.” Believe me, this blog is encouraging, especially for Christian parents.

Hannah has been working with us for eight months now, and I continue to be impressed with her work as our art director and with the godly wisdom she possesses.

When you check out her blog, notice in the picture above how much she resembles her mother. It’s uncanny!