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The other day, some sweet church members gave me and some other staff members little wire baskets of peaches. My basket had five really big peaches in it. They were so big only three or four fit well in the little basket.

As I was leaving for the night, I stopped by to say goodnight to our cleaning ladies who are always very sweet and encouraging. One of them said “Ooooh – look at those peaches! Where did you get those?” As I was telling her, two of them fell out. After she helped me pick up the fallen fruit, she said “Those are some mighty fine peaches – I wish someone would give me some peaches like that.”

Well, it took me a few times – but I finally got the hint. I said “Do you guys like peaches?” One lady said no but the one who noticed them said “Oh honey child…do I like peaches?” I asked if she wanted one as a huge grin beamed on her face and I handed her a peach.

As I got to my truck, God smacked me in the head and taught me I had just experienced the picture of salvation and leading others to Christ.

We have something that is a gift from Someone Who loves us.

It should be evident and attractive to others.

They should want what we have and ask where we got it.

We should have it in overflowing abundance.

We should offer it up freely because we have more than we need.