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“The sun is up, so I am up, so I must PLAY!”

Not only is this a line from Rosie’s favorite movie, Frozen, this seems to be her life motto right now. From the moment she wakes up until the moment I am pulling the covers up to her sweet little chin, she wants to play!

Play doesn’t make it on my to-do list very often. I wake-up and have a schedule to keep and chores to do and if I get a moment to breath, well that’s just a bonus. But since bubby and sissy, are at school all day, who do you think gets to “Play” with little Rose? Yep, you got it, me!

Honestly, it has been really good for me. Every time she asks me to play with her, there is a voice inside my head reminding me that “this too shall pass” and I need to make the most of every minute with her. I also realized that play is good for me! We all need to stop our work sometimes and celebrate through play.

My husband wrote a sweet little song for my oldest daughter when she was born, then he added a verse when Owen was born, and yet another when Rosie was born.

It goes like this,

“I love our baby Rosie Mae, Her smile brings joy to every day.

With tightly-wound, red flowing locks, She is our family’s giggle box.

I love my Rosie Mae I do, I love her such we stick like glue,

I love her such oh yes it’s true!”

It’s no coincidence that her verse describes laughter because when she is playing there is a whole lot of laughter and smiling and fun being had! She lights up the whole house with her high pitched squeals and giggles!

When was the last time you had fun, that you laughed with a friend “playing”. God reminds us in Genesis that there is a time for work and a time for celebrating. He created (worked) for 6 days, then on the 7th day he ceased working. He used that day to rest and celebrate that which He said was “good” and “very good.” He paused to enjoy his work and rejoice in it.

King Solomon reminds us in Ecclesiastes 3, that there is a time to weep but there is also a time to laugh, a time to mourn and time to dance. Psalms is full a joy and gladness by the poet, singing praises to a God that is every rejoicing over him.

So I ask again, when was the last time your laughter and smile lit a room up?

“Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice!” (Phil.4:4)

Joy is contagious! May those around you be drawn to Jesus because you enjoy and celebrate in this life that He has given you! Light the room up for Jesus and shine bright the love that He has given so freely to you!

In Him,