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Most people this time of year are thinking of pumpkin pie, hayrides, and fluffy warm feelings as the weather cools down and loved ones get closer.

Me? Well, all I can seem to picture as November nears is a wide view of the globe and America exploding on an atomic proportion. As visions of Trump and Clinton dance in my head, I can’t help but feel anxiety grow.

I hate politics. Up until this year presidential elections “didn’t affect me.” I trusted my parents would vote well and my under 18-year-old self would be just fine.

Well, this year is different. I now have the privilege to vote. As I watched this last Presidential debate, I nearly broke out in hives. It’s not the decision-making that makes me anxious, but rather the two options we’ve been given.

So how do I vote? How do I choose between the “lesser of two evils”? Why should I vote? What will one vote do against the will of two powerful and driven candidates? Can I just not vote and tell people that God will do what He wants anyway? How would God vote? Can I just not “American” today?

As I sought the answers to these questions I asked God to help me with three things. Through praying for these three things, I pray you too will find peace to your political worries.

  1. Patriotism. God, show me what it is like to be passionate for America. Help me be proud of the people who came before me and fought that I might worship You freely. Open my eyes to see the American people the way you do. Father, give me a drive for America!
  2. Tenacity. Create a hate for injustice in me, O God! Give me the spirit of a fighter. Let me speak up for the unborn, the lost, the immigrant, the abused, the prejudiced-against, the widows, and the orphans. Have me fight along side You against the ones opposing Your will.
  3. Discernment. Honestly, Lord, this election scares me to death. Enlighten me with wisdom and courage. Let me not shrug this responsibility due to ignorance. Grant me the drive to know more and do the best I can do!

In the end, November isn’t a month of mass destruction, as my imagination would have me believe. Soldiers aren’t going to ransack my apartment the day after I vote. I will still have my salvation. I will still read my Bible. I will still pray to the Almighty Ruler.

Can I just not “American” today? No! I must “American” today, lest I lose my political right to “Christian” tomorrow.