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My son turns 13 this week. I’m writing a letter to 13-year-old me, and I’m giving it to him. I hope and pray that he will tuck this hummer away and pull it out later in life and A) Laugh; B) Cry; C) Look at how good God has been. So I wanted to share the letter with you all too. What would you say to 13-year-old you?

Dear 13-year-old me,

I know you think that you’re never going to get to certain points in your life.  I know you think that life is super slow right now, but I can promise you that you’re going to get there, quicker than you can actually realize. You’re going to blink, and this thing is going to be over. Breathe for a minute.

There are going to be people who come in and out of your life. The ones who are willing to commit to making you a better person are the ones you want to keep around you. So check out this verse:  “Hear my son, your father’s instruction and forsake not your mother’s instruction” (Prov. 1:8).

I know you think your mom and dad are crazy sometimes, but honestly, they are smarter than you can understand.  LISTEN TO THEM!  The wisdom that is coming from their lips is not just a bunch of junk. It’s WISDOM!  You’re going to want it one day, I can promise you that. Soak up all the information you can from them, and then apply in your life!

Let’s talk girls for a second! I know they are turning into quite the item in your head right now. Trust me, I know!  Don’t go crazy over them. There is plenty of time to think about girls. I mean this. Take time to invest in YOU and your spiritual life.  If you’re emotionally and spiritually healthy, there will come a point where your relationship with girls will be healthy too.

Don’t freak out over little stuff.  Seriously, you do that! There are things that you’re going to stress out about in the coming four years, and they are really not that big of a deal.  Here is what I want you to really focus on – JESUS! I know that sounds really simplistic. But I mean it, if you put every ounce of your focus on Jesus now, life is going to be much simpler and less filled with drama.

There will come a point in your life when you’re going to make some pretty major choices. Before you say yes or no to anything, take at least an hour to pray it over, that is, unless you KNOW it’s wrong. If so, just say no to it.  Prayer is going to be one of the biggest things in your life. Do more of it. I mean it.

Figure out what you LOVE to do.  Figure out what makes your come alive and figure out a way to be able to do that with your life.  Don’t succumb to the pressure that will be on you. Enjoy your life. And do stuff that will make a difference. Be EXCELLENT at the things you do. Go big.  Go for what you really want, and don’t let fear stop you from achieving what you want to do. Because I know you can do it!

Tell the people around you, who you really love and care about, that you love them. I mean it. Tell them all the time how much you love them. You never know how quickly they will no longer be around.

Lastly, make Jesus the main thing. He’s all that matters. One day, you’re going to blink, and you’ll be standing in front of HIM, and all the stuff you’ve achieved will be meaningless if he’s not the primary motive and drive in your life. Jesus has to be what makes you move and breathe.

Open the Bible more than you do now. His word is going to shape and mold you into a man one day. Never stop diving in to it. Make Jesus and Heaven your ultimate goal. Don’t forget to tell everyone you come in contact with how great Jesus is! Hug your mom and dad more!

Love everyone with incredible fierceness. Never stop loving! Even when it gets rough, never stop. KEEP GOING!  KEEP PRESSING ON!  DON’T QUIT! You’ve got this! You are the man!

I’m proud of you!


37-year-old you!