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  1. Abortion appears in final debate

The third and final presidential debate happened this week. I know many are glad the debates are over and will be even “gladder” when the elections are over. I feel your pain.

I did not watch this week’s debate live or in its entirety. I did pay attention to the opening as moderator Chris Wallace, who did a phenomenal job, asked the candidates about the Supreme Court, particularly how SCOTUS relates to abortion.

Trump said all the “magic words” to appeal to me and my conviction of valuing the Sanctity of Life. He has improved his dialogue when addressing abortion, the pre-born and the importance this issue is in our country and especially how important it is to appoint Supreme Court judges who understand life at all stages is one of the most important freedoms to cherish and uphold.

One significant mark I personally have made while evaluating Trump during this election is how he addresses Planned Parenthood. During the primaries, he demonstrated strong support for the world’s largest abortion provider. Though he did not directly speak about PP in this debate, Trump also did not oppose Clinton when she brought up a point that Trump wants to defund the abortion group.

Here’s an important fact, my friends. Among the possible candidates to choose for president, Trump is the only one who admits he is pro-life. There are other legitimate concerns about Trump, but voters cannot deny he is the only one on the ticket who is representing the unborn.

  1. State A-F grading system is getting good grades.

An editorial came out this week in The Oklahoman about the success of schools in Oklahoma using an A-F letter grade system. Since the grading system was implemented in 2011, national assessment scores of students “have generally trended up, sometimes dramatically so.”

I don’t have any kids. I have very little involvement directly in the state educational system. But I can understand how letter grading can be successful. I was in the public school system up through fifth grade. They didn’t use letter grading. My report cards were confusing to me. In sixth grade I started going to a private Christian school, which used letter grading. I knew where I was academically when my report card was given.

To me, not using letter grades has a similar weak philosophy to giving kids trophies just for participating. Understanding failure can lead to improvement. If a young student doesn’t comprehend failure, you end up with the entitlement mindset many Millennials have today.

“Oklahoma’s A-F system is working,” the editorial said. “It is benefitting students by incentivizing a better education system.”

  1. SQ 792 – Does Oklahoma need alcohol to be more convenient?

This week’s Baptist Messenger, the print edition, features a commentary by Jerry Ervin who is a committee member of the BGCO’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee. Ervin expresses why he disagrees with State Question 792 that is on the ballot in the upcoming election. The Question, if passed, allows for grocery stores to sell wine and strong beer. It also allows liquor stores to sell chilled wine and strong beer.

Ervin offers a good case against SQ 792, offering the statistics of deaths as a result of drunk driving and the numbers on DUI arrests. Although we don’t have the article online, you should check out Ervin’s piece in the print edition.

It comes down to this, how important is making alcohol more convenient to Oklahomans? Promoters of the question claim it increases jobs. Really? Increasing the risk of death to motorists and the number of alcohol-related crimes is worth adding a small increase in state employment?

Don’t fall for the fancy phrasing of “modernizing” state liquor laws. Oklahomans should join me in voting “No” on SQ 792 on Nov. 8.

  1. Check out Election Explainer

The Baptist Messenger offers a simple “Election Explainer” for Oklahoma voters. This definitely can be helpful for those who want an understanding of all the State Questions on the ballot in November.

Also, be on the lookout for an article co-written by Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb and U.S. Sen. James Lankford on State Question 790 which addresses the Blaine Amendment and its unnecessary restrictions on religious liberty, such as the controversy involving the privately-funded 10 Commandments monument at the State Capitol which was forced to be removed last year by district judges, based on their interpretation of the Blaine Amendment.

  1. Clamoring for the Cubs

Have you been paying attention to baseball’s National League playoffs? I’m loving what’s been happening with the Chicago Cubs. I was excited to see their last two wins, and now they head back to Wrigley Field, needing to win one of the last two games.

If you’re into unexpected drama, you should tune in. I’m not anticipating another flukey scenario that could hinder the Cubs from advancing, but the history of the Cubs experiencing bizarre disappointments is not out of the realm of possibilities. On the other hand, you could also witness the Cubs earning their first trip to the World Series since 1945.

  1. Thunder Report

The NBA season starts next week! The Thunder tip off next Wed., Oct. 26 at Philadelphia, and then have their home opener next Fri., Oct. 28 against Phoenix.

This is a fascinating situation for the OKC squad. First season without Durant, with much off-court drama happening, feeds the interest and curiosity of how good can the Thunder be.

Right now, my somewhat vague projects are that the Thunder will win somewhere between 45-50 games, finish somewhere between third and sixth in the Western Conference and make it to the second round of the Western Conference playoffs.