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The 2016 Election cycle makes me feel like we’re all trapped on a nauseating, horrific roller coaster ride that just keeps getting worse. From scandals to insults, the bar keeps getting lower in the 2016 presidential race. This makes me wish it were already over.

At the same time, I have this latent concern that while people are ready to cast their vote for president, relatively few have any idea how they’ll vote on other candidate races, state questions and judicial retention ballots.

In Oklahoma, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma has an excellent new resource called “2016 Election Explainer” that helps voters know what’s all on the ballot. Click here to download the free resource.

As Election Day (Nov. 8) draws near, I would encourage everyone who plans to vote to consider all that’s on the ballot, not just Trump vs. Clinton. As Nov. 9 draws near, I would encourage Christians to work toward unity among believers, even those who may be voting differently than you.

Is it over yet? Not yet, but mercifully, we are getting closer to the end. For Christians, let’s pray and vote and conduct ourselves in a way we can be proud of after the Election is over and beyond.