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Yesterday I had a mini melt down. I felt like a big steamy pile of mess – both physically and mentally.

Everything about my day was really a struggle and a trial. I laid on my couch and tossed and turned and had a pity party, which is just insane because I just got done teaching a large group of guys on how good God is to us.

Many people seem to think because I travel around the country and preach and teach on the message of salvation and the power of Jesus that I never struggle. That’s a lie. I struggle.

There are days I feel like I’m too big of a mess for anyone (including Jesus) to actually love me. Instead of rushing to my knees to find God to be my sufficiency, I started looking at the circumstances around me, and I get worried, and I get fearful – even though I have no reason to be either of those I default to those positions.

How crafty is the enemy. When we get tired and sick, our focus turns to the wrong things, and that’s when all you-know-what breaks loose in our lives.

I did not want to go to mid-week prayer service and Bible study at my church. I wanted to just stay on the couch. But I said to myself, “This is more than likely when you need to be there.”  So I made myself go, and what a blessing I received.

Being with church family was just what I needed. I needed to hear about other people’s struggles and successes. I heard about the goodness of God, even in our struggles. Other godly men came around and prayed for me, even though I was being somewhat of a baby.  How good is that?!

Being in a community of other believes who are FOR YOU really is the answer!  Being in a community of Christ follower who are all looking to Jesus TOGETHER really does change the perspective on everything.

When I stopped and allowed God to move, things started to change. I woke up different today. The day was fresh. The day was new.

Were some of my same struggles and trials there? You bet, but guess what? I know the ONE who overcomes those trials was right beside me, and HE’s making sure I can take my next step.